Monday, January 13, 2014

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I work with about 50 kids every day (give or take), ages ranging from preschool to a couple 5th and 6th graders. The words that come out of their little mouths are sometimes gross, sometimes make no sense, and most of the time, memorable. I have decided to keep a running list to share with you what I experience interacting with non-adults the majority of the day:

Preschool boy upset about the milk spilled on his lunchbox: “Now I have to throw it away. And this cost $100! Too bad it’s wet.”

Preschool boy #1: “Did you eat a booger earlier?”
Preschool boy #2: “Yeah.”
Preschool boy #1: “Me too.”

1st grade boy elated that it was finally the weekend wrote on the board: “NO STOPED HOMEWORK!”

1st grade boy teaching a preschooler about Jesus: “God is in all of our hearts and loves us very much. Even you!”

Preschool boy to his classmates: “We’re all going to be best friends when we grow up, right?”

Overheard in a preschool conversation: “Yeah, but NO ONE gets to sleep in my mom and dad’s room."
Preschooler on the swing: “I wish I could swing up so high I could get past heaven! I think I’ll do that, maybe a little bit later this afternoon."

Two preschoolers whispering to each other upon seeing the church kitchen and a kiddie picnic table in the corner: “Look, that’s Jesus’ kitchen. And that is where all of his children sit.”
Preschooler coloring: "There's Jesus hanging out on the cross!"
Preschooler sitting in a chair, turns to me and randomly says, "I always get wedgies. It's no fun."
Preschooler waiting in line: "Ugh, my vagina is bothering me!"

Monday, January 6, 2014

Right Now

Stealing the format of this post from Francine at Bella Vita Dolce as my break from lesson planning:

Making: A snack/game/craft calendar for the after school program
Cooking : Macaroni and cheese.. a staple in this household.
Drinking : Water, wishing it was coffee. That's what I get for getting up late.
Reading : I just finished The Pioneer Woman's "From High Heels to Tractor Wheels" and it was awesome.
Wanting : The dishes to be washed already so I don't have to touch them
Looking: Fabulous, rocking the day-old makeup and comfy snow day clothes.
Playing: No music (oddly enough), I have the TV on instead.
Wasting: Probably electricity, heating the apartment against Mother Nature's wishes.
Sewing: I don't think I've used a sewing machine in a decade, but I did fix a button recently!
Wishing: The weather was warm enough to go for a walk with my hubby.
Enjoying: The West Wing, my latest television obsession.
Waiting: For Joel to come home from work.
Liking: Quite a bit on Pintrest.
Wondering: Whether or not I'll survive the spring semester unscathed.
Loving: My "Mrs. Rauch" sweatshirt my mom gave me as a wedding gift.
Hoping: School is cancelled tomorrow too... it'll still be cold and when it comes to bitter wind chills I'm a woos.
Marveling: Matthew 6:25-34
Needing: My hair to wash itself. It's more fun to style when it's longer, but such a process!
Smelling: Macaroni and cheese.
Wearing: My sweatshirt, black yoga pants, and leopard slippers.
Following: The Denver Broncos all the way to the Super Bowl. This is the year!! #BroncoNation
Noticing: Actors in the West Wing that I've seen in other shows & movies.
Knowing: I have a lot of work to do prepping for the new year in school.
Thinking: I have a headache, but if I have coffee after noon I won't be able to get a decent nights sleep before I wake up at a decent hour tomorrow. Worth it?
Feeling: Motivated!
Bookmarking: Craft ideas for my kiddos... I have no idea how anyone lesson plans without Pintrest!
Opening: A phone book (figuratively) to find a local bowling alley for our weekly "no screens" night.
Giggling: At the cast members of "Vanderpump Rules." Their issues with each other are out of control, and some of these people are in their 30's!
Feeling: Less motivated the longer I have the TV on while I am supposed to be working...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Something old and something new

Here we are again, back on the blogosphere! My loving husband and I just returned home from watching football at my sister & brother-in-law's house and I am enjoying my last weekend before returning to my preschool classroom (in which I am an Aide) and my After School Program (of which I am the coordinator). Although school is cancelled tomorrow due to the ridiculously low temperatures (wind chill -50... seriously??), I will be spending tomorrow packing up our Christmas d├ęcor and gearing up for another 5 months with 4-13 year olds.

Those of you reading this were most likely led here by my last blog, Single With A Purpose. I have recently closed up shop in that regard, given my status has officially transitioned to married. To this hottie -->

So I'm off on this new adventure! New husband (give or take a couple months), new year, and a new blog. I'll be nostalgic taking the lights and garland off of the tree, but as I am strategically cramming fragile ornaments in storage tubs, I will be updating my Bucket List and getting psyched for a new chapter with y'all.

Hope you come back soon!