Monday, January 13, 2014

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I work with about 50 kids every day (give or take), ages ranging from preschool to a couple 5th and 6th graders. The words that come out of their little mouths are sometimes gross, sometimes make no sense, and most of the time, memorable. I have decided to keep a running list to share with you what I experience interacting with non-adults the majority of the day:

Preschool boy upset about the milk spilled on his lunchbox: “Now I have to throw it away. And this cost $100! Too bad it’s wet.”

Preschool boy #1: “Did you eat a booger earlier?”
Preschool boy #2: “Yeah.”
Preschool boy #1: “Me too.”

1st grade boy elated that it was finally the weekend wrote on the board: “NO STOPED HOMEWORK!”

1st grade boy teaching a preschooler about Jesus: “God is in all of our hearts and loves us very much. Even you!”

Preschool boy to his classmates: “We’re all going to be best friends when we grow up, right?”

Overheard in a preschool conversation: “Yeah, but NO ONE gets to sleep in my mom and dad’s room."
Preschooler on the swing: “I wish I could swing up so high I could get past heaven! I think I’ll do that, maybe a little bit later this afternoon."

Two preschoolers whispering to each other upon seeing the church kitchen and a kiddie picnic table in the corner: “Look, that’s Jesus’ kitchen. And that is where all of his children sit.”
Preschooler coloring: "There's Jesus hanging out on the cross!"
Preschooler sitting in a chair, turns to me and randomly says, "I always get wedgies. It's no fun."
Preschooler waiting in line: "Ugh, my vagina is bothering me!"

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