Sunday, January 5, 2014

Something old and something new

Here we are again, back on the blogosphere! My loving husband and I just returned home from watching football at my sister & brother-in-law's house and I am enjoying my last weekend before returning to my preschool classroom (in which I am an Aide) and my After School Program (of which I am the coordinator). Although school is cancelled tomorrow due to the ridiculously low temperatures (wind chill -50... seriously??), I will be spending tomorrow packing up our Christmas d├ęcor and gearing up for another 5 months with 4-13 year olds.

Those of you reading this were most likely led here by my last blog, Single With A Purpose. I have recently closed up shop in that regard, given my status has officially transitioned to married. To this hottie -->

So I'm off on this new adventure! New husband (give or take a couple months), new year, and a new blog. I'll be nostalgic taking the lights and garland off of the tree, but as I am strategically cramming fragile ornaments in storage tubs, I will be updating my Bucket List and getting psyched for a new chapter with y'all.

Hope you come back soon!

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