Monday, June 16, 2014

We Met On Twitter

Now that wedding season has kicked off again, I'm feeling all gushy inside. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story or did not read about it on my last blog, I'd like to share again my favorite story of all time: how I snagged Joel. We wrote this rendition together when putting together our wedding website last year.

This was taken the weekend we met. JOY!
Justine: I was encouraged to start writing a blog to share my thoughts, musings, insights, etc about womanhood, relationships, and being the best version of yourself! I love to write and it was a great way to get things out of my system, especially when there wasn't anyone around at the moment to share it with. The only means I used to promote/share the site was through Facebook, Twitter, and directly asking my friends to read it.

Joel: I was an occasional Twitter user who used the social service to get news and updates on friends and interests. One day, my cousin retweeted a blog written by Justine. I decided to read one of the blog posts and I was very impressed with Justine's writing style. I sent Justine a message informing her that I was a fan and encouraged her to keep it up!

Justine: My thought: "A fan!" He was the first person I knew of that read my blog WITHOUT me knowing him or directly asking him. I saw a very tiny picture of his face (cutie!) and thanked him for the kind words, and promptly called Jackie to thank her for inadvertently providing me with my first legit reader, who happened to be her cousin. The next few times I wrote articles I made sure to post them in a place where he could see, just in case he was still reading.

Joel: I was.

Justine: But that was the extent of our contact. Two years later, I moved to Ohio, the same week Joel moved to Denver. I followed the job to Ohio, but I wanted to follow my friends, football team, and heart to Denver. I tweeted something about wishing I was there, not knowing he just moved.

Joel: One day waiting for the train to head into work downtown I happened to see Justine's message on missing Denver. I thought, Hey! She's kind of cute and I'd like to get to know her a little more so I sent a message kind of just took off from there!

Justine: Messages turned to chats, chats got longer and later, and soon I'd catch myself leaving my computer online just in case he wanted to get on and say hello. We had developed a genuine friendship even though we hadn't yet met in person or seen each other outside of pictures posted online. But every time I talked to him I just kept thinking, "No way! You too? I thought I was the only one!" or "That's what I was going to say." I looked forward to his stories, advice, jokes, and the thought of being his friend in real life. I knew right off the bat he would have a big part to play in my life, but I wasn't sure how yet.

Joel: Simply enough our chatting and conversations were happening everyday and we were super into each other. Because we were talking to each other all the time!! It seemed like the next natural step was to start a relationship. We started dating and scheduled to meet soon after was the longest month of waiting in our lives but was the most amazing meeting. I met my wife!!

Joel, thank you for putting up with all of my ridiculousness. I fall more and more in love with you every day... even when you get on my nerves (your pretty eyes make up for it in those moments). You are my rock.

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