Saturday, July 5, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen for this belated holiday post! Seven things about my 2014 fourth of July:

1. Most of my family was out of town this holiday, so it ended up being Joel, my brother-in-law Joe, and me. We made big plans to have the most epic of holidays while everyone else was gone, but we were quite limited in our options. Joe is in a cast, I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and Thursday night Joel came down with a fever of 103 and hadn't totally recovered by Friday evening.

2. To pass the time while hubs was sick and resting, I passed the time by catching up with the fam in New York (you'll probably get an account of those charades over in Francine's corner) and planning what we'll do with baby's room once we find out the gender. All I'll say for now is puppy dog tails or glitter! I'll post pictures once we get the room tidied up.

3. Needless to say, we still celebrated with grilled steaks, popsicles, cookies, and the most American movie we could come up with: The Other Guys. We did find time to read the Buzzfeed list of Most American Comebacks... It was a very Patriotic start to the day.

4. We paused the after-dinner movie to catch the local fireworks, which ended up starting half and hour early due to the thunderstorm we didn't know was coming. Hmmm... plan b!

5. We were already on our way to my uncle & aunt's house in town to watch the fireworks (they lived pretty close to the launch site), so we went over anyway and we were warmly greeted with hugs, a campfire (pre-rain), and a tray of cookie bars. It was a delightful close to an unexpected day.

6. Although it's not technically the holiday anymore, we still have cigars (for Joel), a watermelon, glow sticks (leftover from our wedding), and year-old fireworks. Once hubby is feeling better, we've still got a day and a half of weekend left!

7. All right, it looks like I'm out of holiday-themed takes... here's hoping the rain stops and it's hot enough for the pool today. Happy belated Independence Day!

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