Sunday, September 28, 2014

Maternity Must Haves

Pintrest and blogs were incredibly helpful when I was figuring out staples I would need for pregnancy, my new baby, and for my survival as a brand new mom. I decided to put together a three part post passing along the items that I would not have survived without. So without further ado...

Justine's 10 Maternity Must-Haves:

1. Juice Plus and gummy prenatal vitamins - WAY more fun than swallowing pills and gave baby and me everything I was lacking in my craving-driven pregnancy diet.

2. Target maternity tees and tanks - Affordable, comfortable, versatile. What more do you need?

3. Comfortable sandals - Bending over became much more of a hassle, especially given I was 7-9 months pregnant during the summer months. Being able to slip shoes on and off became a big time and energy saver.

4. Decaf coffee - Even though I was trying to watch my caffeine intake, I still let myself THINK my morning routine was not changing. I've been a coffee addict for years and I wasn't ready to quit then (still not). I think it's more mental than anything at this point, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do. Venti vanilla latte, please!

5. Maxi dresses - Dress them up, dress them down... these are just as easy as the tee shirts. They say "Look, I'm still cool and fabulous and fashion forward even though I feel like a whale under here." The breeziness in the summer was AMAZING to boot.

6. Skinny belts - Making all the difference between the "I ate too much and I'm not ready to admit it and get bigger clothes" look and the "Cute baby bump! How far along are you?" look. Not bulky, and makes pretty much any outfit look cooler.

7. Body butter - I didn't get stretch marks until the last month or two but when they came, they came with vigor. They were tender where my skin was thinner, and the soothing butter made me feel better, even if it wasn't as preventative as I had hoped.

8. Water bottle - Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I'm normally TERRIBLE about drinking water, but carrying a sports bottle with me during the work day made a huge difference. I made more than frequent bathroom visits, but it felt good to be somewhat taking care of myself. Especially balancing out my 2 cups a day of coffee.

9. Purse snacks - My morning sickness was more afternoon sickness. I would get terribly nauseous between 4-6 ish, right when I was supposed to be running the after school care program. I felt like I constantly needed to have at least something in my stomach to keep it settled. Unfortunately for me, I worked at a school that frequently provided the faculty and staff with brownies, cookies, cakes, and donuts. I ate what was handy (I mean, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?) but healthy snacks stowed away in my purse (whole wheat crackers, nuts, fruit, granola bars) helped all the same.

10. What to Expect When You're Expecting - A lot of people use the internet (probably Babycenter in particular) now, but this book was a tremendous reference for me when I was worried, curious, or just needed something to flip through to accompany me along. I learned a lot!

Bonus: Blanqui or belly band - Lots of women swear by these, and they're definitely great for making non-maternity clothes stretch farther than otherwise, and the tight fit helps support the heavy bump. The biggest issue I ran into was getting it on and off as I grew, especially being preggo when it was hot. But it was comfortable on (and slimming too)!

To see my other pregnancy outfit inspirations, survival tip inspiration, and workout suggestions, follow me on pintrest and check out my pregnancy board! Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts on newborn and new mom staples!

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