Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Five Favorites: Hair

First time linkp with Jenna's fave five! Also, I'd like to note that a couple of these pictures were shamlessly ripped form Pintrest. 

1. Hot rollers - These badboys have been lifesavers! I will admit, I don't have a ton of hair, but these great rollers can hold all of my hair and give me soft curls. They heat up quickly and I don't even have to wait for them to cool off to take them out. They're affordable and come in a set of ten and I have been using the same set for almost 10 years, so Lord knows they're long lasting.

Excuse the St. Patty's Day attire... it seems I hardly take pictures with my hair curled!

2. Dry shampoo - Props to my household sister Anne for teaching me to tease my hair and to hide oil and add texture to day-old hair using dry shampoo. Puff ponytails would be nowhere without you!

3. Headbands - Making messy hair look put together for decades.

4. Bobby pins (used correctly!) - Who knew that they go in with the smooth side up?! Before The pintrest correction I found, my thin fine hair could never keep them in. Nevermore! Now I keep 4.8 billion in the house (although I only know where 10 ish are) and I trust them daily to keep hair off my neck, bangs out of my eyes, both, or more.

5. Teasing comb - (see the above references to messy hair, bobby pins, and dry shampoo) Especially because my hair has basically nothing to it, when it gets greasy, day old, or heavy and flat, I'd be lost without some way to give it more "umph." It usually ends p looking sloppy, but I just count myself blessed that's the look now. And even if it looks more clean than the pictures above, it's retro!

I'm just realizing right now that as I finish this post, I have 2 day old messy "new mom hair" that is in desperate need of some sprucing. Staples 2-5, here I come! What are some of your hair staples? Until next time! :)


  1. Love the headbands! Do you have a favorite place to buy them? And I need to try teasing (again)... I can never get it right.

    1. Thanks Gina! I like to get skinny headbands from Target because they tend to go with more (the ones with some grip/texture tend to stay better) but thicker/wider bands are definitely more in style now. Thank goodness for bobby pins to hold those in place! I like those from Maurices and Kohls. :)