Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Newborn Must-Haves

As promised, here is installment 2 of my maternity/birth must have lists. If you're curious about my Maternity Must Have List, you can check that out too! Many new moms will swear by tons of different nifty gadgets, pillows, toys, and whatnot, but these quickly became staples in our house. Therefore, I highly recommend...

Justine's Newborn Must-Haves:

1.Rock N Play - Not only can this easily-moveable cradle small and comfortable, but it also snuggles the baby at a 45 degree angle, which is really helpful for babies with bad gas or acid reflux like our little one. It stayed in the living room with me during the majority of the day and then I just slid it next to our bed at night for easy night feedings. She's sleeping in her crib now, but it's nice to be able to quickly set her down and let her startle reflex rock her back to sleep.

2. Lil Soothies Gas Drops - Celine had a lot of trouble burping at first. I don't know if it was Joel and me doing it wrong or if her body hadn't figured it out yet, but the gas made our little princess more of a diva. She was super fussy and the drops worked wonders. They lasted forever, especially given we used them at least once a day. Five stars!

3. Halo Sleep Sack - Newborns have a pretty intense startle reflex, so if they aren't bundled up tight and they fall asleep, it takes just about nothing to get that falling feeling and wake with a start. For sound-sleeping babies, I highly recommend investing. Celine was born in August so we went with a cotton sleep sack versus the warm fleece, but as the weather cools we'll have a lot more need for it.

4. Swadle Blankets - The aden + Anais swaddle blankets are absolutely perfect. They are HUGE, which makes them ideal for wrapping little ones up (especially when the Sleep Sack is dirty). They're thin enough to use the summer, but when wrapped snug, can keep a little one nice and warm... and we all know how nice it is to fall asleep touching something nice and soft.

5. Gerber cloth diaper inserts - We are not cloth diapering. Burp cloths are dumb. They're too small and not nearly absorbent enough. Solution? These cloth diaper inserts. They're soft, absorbent, perfectly sized, and relatively cheap. We have them strewn all over our house so we are prepared for anything. A-mazing.

6. Boppy Pillow - Most nursing moms I've met use these a billion times a day. I am one of those moms. Baby is easily positioned, snuggled up to you, and if you situate everything just right, you can nurse with both arms free. Hooray!

7. Sound machine - It's good for babies to have quiet time to sleep, but Celine must take after her daddy: some white noise in the background helps! It's also nice for me, as I can talk at a normal volume, watch TV, do the dishes, etc, without fear of waking her when I disturb the perfect silence in our house. And everybody knows bad things happen when you wake a sleeping baby!

Stay tuned for one more future installment of my must-haves!

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  1. i especially agree with the sound machine. It is a must have even for adults!! lol