Saturday, December 20, 2014

Celine Evelyn: 4 months

Dear Celine,

We are finally starting to hear some of your laugh, even though it's just a few chuckles at a time. Lucky for us, you are very ticklish.

Your hair is shedding now, which we were kind of dreading. They said babies lose their newborn hair, but yours was so thick and full and there was no sign of it going anywhere up to this point, so when we started to notice we were bummed. I'm excited to see what your new hair looks like! It doesn't seem to have hindered your confidence at all though... you're still eager to smile at yourself in the mirror.

Let's see, what are your interests at this point...cuddling, being upright, looking around, bright pictures, chewing/sucking on your fingers... probably most of all talking to people. You get bored and lonely if you're left alone; I think you get that from me. ;) You take a little bit to warm up to people, but you smile at pretty much everyone and you talk constantly. You always save your biggest smiles for Daddy (me too).

You can roll from your tummy to back when you're mad, which makes sense. It always seems like I'm stronger when I'm mad too... maybe that's why people work out when they're angry? You sure do. The rest of the time you can roll from your back to your right side, but not quite all the way. Something tells me it'll be no time before you're on the move.

You already feel like so much of a mini-me. I can't wait to see your personality blossom as you grow. In the moment things seem like they're taking forever, but looking at how much you've grown thus far, the time is flying by!

I love you Celiney!

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