Friday, March 20, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

I'm back from my blogging hiatus! Things have been crazy in our corner of the universe, so I'd like to take this opportunity for the linkup to catch y'all up a little bit:

1. We were going to buy a house, and then we didn't. We met with the bank, were given a budget, and on our second day house hunting with our amazing realtor, we fell in love with property number #6, which we nicknames "Park Place." We put in an offer that night, and after a few days of back-and-forth, an offer was accepted. We attempted to use a special loan available in our area, which ended up meaning for us we had 679476947 hoops to jump through. Two months of "You have the house!"... "I'm sorry, we can't figure it out"... "But we found a loophole and you can have the house for sure!" ... "I hope you didn't buy anything because you can't have the house"... etc, we prayerfully decided to withdraw our claim and wait another year. Both the banker and the realtor told us they had never run into so many hiccups in one account. I guess it just wasn't meant to be yet!

2. Celine's stuck thumbs. We noticed when baby girl was around 2 months old that she still hadn't totally opened her hands. We kept a close eye, briefly mentioning it to our family doctor and waiting patiently for her sweet little hands to open all of the way. At five months, she still was not using her thumbs at all. She was diagnosed with congenital clasped thumbs, a condition with many different causes, severities, and treatments depending on the case. We did our research but couldn't find anything [that didn't make us panic]. We are very lucky: all of the bones, ligaments, muscles, etc ARE present in Celine's hands, but her muscles are just very weak. She has since begun physical therapy and occupational therapy twice a week and she is making significant progress. We are so proud!

3. We painted the house that we are still in. We have limited decorating options, given the fact that we are in a rental house, but our landlord has been great and approved our proposed changes we have made (it helps we have a professional painter in the family--thank you Mom!) and we tore apart our living room, dining room, and kitchen to brighten everything up. It looks awesome, but the house is far from back in order. All in good time!

4. I'm getting organized. I am not known for my tidiness, home organizational skills, or readiness to get up and do the dishes when the sink is full (family members, close friends, and former roommates, insert chuckle here). BUT, I am working on changing things! Joel move his computer/gaming/mancave space to the workspace in the cave basement, leaving the upstairs desk for me. This is the first time I've had a desk since I left my temp job in Human Resources two years ago, so I went a little crazy (and used all of the paper in the labelmaker). I made a chore chart which is displayed colorfully on the fridge, the bookshelf and bills are reorganized (with color labels!) and I have only just begun.

5. The weather is getting warmer... ish. We are ready to soak up the sun and get our blood pumping outside as it is FINALLY above freezing in Iowa! It depends on the day, though, and you Midwesterners know what I'm talking about. For example, today is partly cloudy with a high of 61. There are birds chirping, neighbors walking their dogs, and children enjoying bike rides. Days from now, it will be windy and rainy with a high of 48. We are trying to get outside as much as we can, but SOMEBODY (cough cough little baby cough cough) doesn't like the stroller anymore, so we're figuring out a plan B.

6. I'm blogging again! Being behind a desk has got me all psyched up as it is, and then with all of the other projects going on (or winding down) I'm finally ready to get back behind the keyboard and post. I have my coffee and idea notebook in hand and I'm ready to rock and roll. Let's do this blogosphere.

7. I have new shows and I like them sometimes. I've probably mentioned before, TV is one of my hobbies. I love super drawn out character development, different plot lines, and shows that feel like awesome movies that keep going on forever. I love witty comedies, dramas that suck you in (even if they're violent sometimes, I just have to know what happens!), and realistic-ish crime shows. Joel calls my TV watching an addiction... I prefer a passionate hobby. Anyways, I just started Peaky Blinders (dark and hard to understand, but well made) and Grey's Anatomy (a little sad but very entertaining). You've got to be in the mood for them though, which I'm not at the moment (hence the blogging). I'll write more show reviews later if you're interested. I'm just having a really good day today.

The video below is just because it's I'm excited it's Friday. :) Until next time!


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  1. I am happy to see you are writing again! :D Little Celine is getting cuter every minute.