Monday, July 20, 2015

Celine Evelyn: 11 months

My dearest little Celine,

I can't believe how close to a year old you are already! I still call you "the baby" and get corrected for it, but to me, you aren't a toddler for another month so everyone will just have to deal.

You're getting so much braver when you're cruising around the furniture or climbing up on us. You hold on to our clothes with just one hand as you bend over to reach toys, propel yourself off toe get up onto the couch with a little more force, or bounce along with whatever music you hear. You've figured out dancing and it's awesome. You also make the scrunchy "too mean for the people" face I made when I was your age, which fills my heart.

You have a couple of favorite syllables that you repeat often, but they tend to blend each time you say them so it's not totally clear what you're saying. "Dum... bum... mom... bud... mub... dud... dem..." etc (for an hour or so, give or take. You can say "Mom" and "Dad" but I'm not sure you've totally matched them with us yet. Although you do say "Mom" the most when you're crying, so that might be something.

You get really excited when you hear someone coming through a door (or similar sounds) and you giggle and grab us and try as hard as you can to book it in any other direction. I'm not sure where that comes from, but let's just roll with it for now. Sometimes when you're crawling around you'll take a break and put your head down on the floor and look around and under your arm... the world looks so different upside down!

You love to eat eggs, fruit, cereal, and Kleenexes (we try not to give you those). I can't wait to see what you do with cake and frosting at your birthday party in a couple of weeks.

There was some kind of a virus going around, and it had you locked in for a good week. You had me quite worried when your fever spiked to 103.1, but we got all of the help we needed and you had the chance to sleep off a lot of it. You are such a trooper and you were so patient with us. Thank you for that.

Life with you is an adventure. You are sweet, sassy, and completely cuddly. A few times when you were tired you crawled around the room and collected your giraffe blanket, baby doll, and a burp cloth and crawled into my lap for snuggles. It was perfect. I love you, I love you, I love you.


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