Friday, July 17, 2015

Property Mother

"Just pretend we're on Property Brothers. I'm the brothers. You're the homeowner. Trust me; it'll all come together on time and look better than you imagine." -my mother, reassuring pregnant-hormonal-stressing-TV-loving me

The front door still wasn't finished when this was taken, hence the wood propping it closed

My mom is a rockstar. She's a designer/decorator/contractor/painter extraordinaire and a DIY expert. Our house, as it turns out, seems to be quite the undertaking. Joel is having a ball demo-ing the bathroom, basement, and ripping out the flooring. I get to spend my time packing the rental house up, planning the decor for our new home, and above al, chillin' with the babe.

Packing with babies... She's obviously very helpful.

You'd think our house was an art gallery given the amount of my wall decor. I'm out of control.
So far we're still in "demo mode," but now that all of the final decisions on the flooring and bathroom are made, things will really get rolling. The basement will be a work in progress for a while, but we are ripping all of the grossness out first so we can start fresh once the main level is finished and feels like a home.

Basement demolition. He's such a hottie.
The beginning of a long, frustrating process to replace the door. It would have been so much easier had it been done right in the first place. So proud of Joel and Mom for pulling through!
I'll make sure to post more pictures and updates as we move right along. In the meantime, please say some prayers on our behalf to St. Joseph (and whoever the patron saint of packing is... I'll more than probably need some intercession on my end too).

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