Monday, August 17, 2015

How to decorate a kid's birthday party on a budget

Fun fact: this is the first panoramic picture I've taken on my phone and I'm not 100% sure I did it right...?
We celebrated Celine turning 1 this week (hooray!) with a joint birthday party for her and my 5-year-old niece. We hosted in our new house, which was sweet. As it turns out, it is the first party we have EVER hosted, so I feel like that's a right of passage into adulthood/parenting/home-ownership in itself. So, horray for us!

As most of you who have purchased a home can related, we're not necessarily flushed with cash our first two weeks in. Therefore, much of the prep had to be done in advance and all of it had to be done on the cheap. I chose a pink lemonade theme (at least 4 months ago, to be totally honest), and before we got serious about buying a house I had lots of time on my hands to make party decor like this:

I apologise for the poor lighting, I blame my iPhone and the gloomy weather.

We do have a smaller space, so making it feel decorated didn't take as much as it would for a larger entertaining area. These pictures were taken before the balloons were blown up, which of course made everything look a lot more festive.

Supplies I needed:
  • balloons (12 pack  for $1 at Walmart; I used 2 packs of pink and one of yellow)
  • streamers (1 roll for $1 at Walmart; I bought 2 pink and 2 yellow but didn't even go through one roll of each)
  • tons of construction paper in chosen colors ($5 ish?)
  • yarn (found in old craft stuff, I picked white)
  • string ($1 at Goodwill for a huge roll of white)
  • hole punch
  • Scotch tape
  • scissors
Most of the project is pretty self-explanatory, although I'd be happy to post tutorials on anything that you fine folks would like more details on. The lemon cutouts I freehanded, the hanging circle garland I traced (cups), and the streamers (and non-pictured balloons) I plastered everywhere and anywhere I could.

I used one of a 3-pack of white tablecloths ($2.50 at Walmart), a $2 pack of pink and white striped napkins, a $1 10-pack of yellow paper cups (with a marker handy for name marking), and disposable cutlery we had found during our unpacking. I had found a big box of mason jars at Goodwill for $6, but I only managed to sneak in one for actual party decor, which I spray-painted white (had paint around) and filled with dollar store plastic flowers in the appropriate colors (obviously $1).

This brings the grand total for the party supplies that I actually had to go out and buy to around $27... not to shabby for my first kids' birthday party. I know that she probably won't remember it, but it was a blast having the company over and feeling festive nonetheless. Everyone likes to feel special on their birthday, and just because she won't remember it later doesn't mean I won't do my darndest to fill her love tank.

The party was exhausting (I blame the pregnancy), but oh-so-much fun. I can't wait to be hosting another something soon, and I'll shoot for having some sort of decorating/hosting tutorials and tips to include.

Have a great week all!

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  1. It was a great party. The decorations were sweet, the food delicious, and the company perfect. I love the look on Celine's face when she first opened your doll gift!