Sunday, August 9, 2015

Moving week!

Good afternoon all! I am writing this post from the recliner in our new (to us) living room, spruced up with new carpet, new paint, and mostly unpacked boxes and tubs. This is officially our new home base... no more renting for us! Hooray!

The move itself was a little crazy (what else is new), especially given the heat (85+ all week), continued/hurried renovations (only missing finishing touches now, but it looks amazing!), my active/fussy/curious almost-toddler, and my pregnancy being in it's 31st week. Things are finally calming down now, so much so that Joel and I actually got to sit down and have a movie date! Big day for us ;)

Obviously functioning condition

Baby-proofing came after the mad dash to clean the rental house and get all of our crap moved over

Excited to have a functioning toilet night one in the house

Some of the work in the kitchen is still on the to-do list and I have no idea where I want to hang our wall decor, partially because we don't have all of our furniture replaced yet. Nonetheless, we are relieved and happy happy happy to nest in a cozy home of our own with our fingerprints all over it.

Our week will be picking up again soon though... my best friend from college is coming to visit TOMORROW (we have only seen each other once since my graduation, which was my wedding... over a year and a half ago. I am so excited!!), shortly after her stay is the birthday party we're throwing for Celine and my soon-to-be-five niece (hosting here at the new house--eek!), and the next week is jam-packed with birthdays, meetings, and appointments. I'm savoring the time with my feet up while I have it (speaking of... I'm pretty sure baby doll is waking up from her nap...).

I haven't touched my book for this month in at least a week and I still have a mountain of unpacking to do. As soon as things get a little more under control I'll post more pictures of our little abode and we'll be back to the fun posts about... whatever I posted about before. And then some!

Until then!

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