Monday, August 3, 2015

Vacation week - Summer 2015

Aaaaaand we're back! Technically we weren't even really THAT far away, given our vacation destination was maybe 20-30 minutes from our house... and the fact that I came home to pack/work/rest for two days, but still! It was a joy having the in-laws nearby for a week and we loved having all the quality time with them. Celine ate up all of the extra attention and made sure to spread some loving' around herself (she just learned how to give kisses... and she's still licking everything and everyone. That counts, right?).

NOTE: I did get a fair amount of reading done for my book challenge, and as I mentioned on my Instagram, I already finished my August book before August even began! I loved reading English Ivy by Catherine Palmer and I'm already chipping away at my next book. More updates to come!

Here are a few gems from the week (I didn't take near as many pictures as I had hoped to):

Cuddles with Grandpa

I love this baller expression she had 90% of the time

Mmm... pool water
Cute pond behind the cabin, complete with geese. Talk about all inclusive.
Girlfriend got a big girl carseat!
The best game of dominoes I've played in my life... I had to immortalize this. This never happens.
Joel's parents were so generous to spend a couple of days this past week providing us with manual labor for the rennovation, which was more than appreciated. The house is coming along in full swing and things are coming together now... we are so excited!

Celine's room
Bathroom: drywall is up...
And the tile is down!
The kitchen is a work in progress, obviously
There's nothing quite as motivating as seeing paint on the walls and knowing that I won't be moving again for a while. I'd better get packing and get this show on the road; it's moving week! Please keep the fan in your prayers as we really hunker down this week. Mom & co. have been working hard nonstop on the house, Joel has been at his day job and coming home to work on the house, and Celine and I are wrapping things up (literally) on this end. TWIST! Four out of the four people just mentioned are now battling some serious allergy issues. Is there a patron saint for that?

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  1. Justine, I am so happy your sweet family finally got to make it officially a home. I am anxious to see your progress after a week away. :D