Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hospital Bag Essentials

Happy (belated) Labor Day all! In honor of labor day, I'm packing my hospital bag for Baby girl #2's arrival, hopefully soon! I definitely over packed last time, but then again I packed before I knew we'd need a Cesarean, so this time I'm going to be a little more prepared, no matter what happens.

We have a super awesome OB wing in our town, and the nurses are incredibly generous and sent us home with quite a bit of "starter kit" items. Anticipating the same (worst case, I've got stuff at home from Celine), I'm leaving a few things off the list that you might find on other lists. For example, I did not bring a robe of my own or clothes to wear while I was in the hospital. I had compression socks on the whole time (no need for slippers) and I didn't want to bring EXTRA clothes for myself because... why would I want the extra laundry first thing home?! Same thing goes for baby clothes... I brought 2 season-appropriate onesies for baby just for the trip home.

As far as what actually went in my bag... here we go!

1. Use a big bag - Make sure there's tons of room for stuff to bring home from the hospital. We were given extra diapers, hats, nursing pads, spare disposable undies for mama, pacifiers, little toiletries and creams, a water bottle also for mama, baby thermometer, and probably a couple of other little things I don't remember. If all else fails and you don't get extra goodies, it's a lot lighter to carry than a smaller overstuffed bag!

2. Phone/camera and charger - I'm sure you and baby daddy will be wanting to document the first few moments of your little lovie's life! Make sure you have what you need to let the family know, your new arrival came, take way too many squishy newborn pics, and break in your baby scheduling app if you have one (they have a billion of those that track sleeping, eating, diapers, etc).

3. Boredom busters - There will be down time, whether it's between contractions, when there's nothing on TV (if there's one in the room), or when nurses are poking and prodding and whatnot. I packed a few girly magazines I hadn't read yet, a puzzle book, and a lighter novel (the last thing I wanted to do at that point was read a dense book I'd have to study for class). I might take my zentangle tiles this time, and I guess a phone or tablet counts as a last one if you have games on there too. And of course, a computer for blogging!

I can't wait to start this goodie!
Save The Date by Jenny B Jones

4. Snacks - My food was taken care of (when I actually could eat), but Joel really appreciated having some of his favorites on hand. I stuffed a big pocket of our backpack with gummies, granola bars, goldfish, club crackers, and cheese sticks. I'm pretty sure he went through most of it day one!

5. Toiletries - It felt SO GOOD to have a chance to shower and wash my hair (and put on a minimal amount of makeup) before we allowed well-wishers into our room. The hospital provided shampoo, but it was nice to have my own travel bottle from home, along with my own conditioner, face wash, and body wash. And don't forget a toothbrush and toothpaste!

Fresh hair and makeup, but I tried my best to go for the "effortless new mom glow" look :D

6. Heading home outfit - I cannot stress enough how glad I was to have brought a nursing tank, thin jacket (summer baby), and LOOSE sweat shorts for the trip home. It was nice to be out of the hospital gown (Tip from some veterans: in case there's any bleeding or whatnot, make sure its dark or not something you're too attached to). Although there are no pictures of me leaving the hospital this time around, here's one of our first little gem.

I'll probably add more pictures when I have everything together and going in the bag (obviously not the phone and computer yet). Only a few weeks to go! Have a great week folks!

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