Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mom Uniform Love

Little kids always have some kind of an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. Some change every week, some stick with it. They'll want to be an astronaut, princess, computer (my brother in law), fire fighter, ballerina, etc. Me? I've always, always, wanted to be three things: a wife, a teacher, and a mom.

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Check, check, check.

I used to dream about being the new Mrs. Cleaver, doing chores in heels and pearls, and baking pies for new neighbors to welcome them to the neighborhood. I wanted to bring snacks to school, drive a minivan or SUV, and be a super cool soccer mom.

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Well, my kid is too young for soccer (or walking, for that matter), I'm pretty sure I haven't worn heels since the first half of my first pregnancy, and so far WE are the new neighbors in town, but I can work on the cool mom clothes!

A quick Pinterest search of "mom uniform" immediately references [helpful!] posts about upping the ante from shabby, stained, boring, mom-jean-esque clothes. Hence, my inspiration. I absolutely LOVE the t-shirt and jeans combo, but adding a completer piece (scarf, hat, jacket, cardigan), with some kid-friendly jewelry (if you find anything other than stud earrings, let me know... until then I'm still battling grabby hands), and swapping the old sneakers for Toms, Keds, Sperrys, scrappy sandals, or my favorites of all time, flats and tall boots (depending on the weather). Here are some of my most favorite looks:

SECRET: I wear black exercise pants as capris (because I have to) and paired with the right pieces, they work!
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Button-downs an loose tunics are nursing friendly, peeps! Holla!
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If I learned anything from Stacey London and Clinton Kelly, it's that style and comfort CAN coexist :)
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Ladies, there's no need to sacrifice style for function. There are tons of nursing friendly, post-partum body friendly, machine-washable options for women in awkward body phases and beyond. Don't hate on the "mom uniform" for being casual, cliche, or whatever. Make it your own, own that ponytail, work that updo, and embrace the momhood. Yes, I'm a mom, and I'm not afraid to dress like it. Haters gonna hate, mamas gonna chase little children around, clean spitup, poopy diapers, and messy floors 594759323 times a day, but dayum, am I going to look good doing it!

How do you make the "mom uniform" your own? What's your go-to outfit? Do you have a tried and true formula? Any tips for dressing as a mom? Feel free to share by commenting below or messaging me! Don't forget check out other outfit ideas on my Pinterest boards. :D


  1. hahahah Joe will love the s/o. I'm still working on a workable wardrobe so I can feel put-together without dropping beaucoup bucks and still be comfortable. Now I want a cute structured jacket-like a olive green military or cargo one.

    1. Hopefully within the next year or so I can put together a capsule-ish wardrobe that works with the comfort meets style thing... and a structured jacket would be perfect! I'm looking now for a great dress up/down blazer. :)

  2. Cute outfits! My mom uniforms are not stylish, I'm afraid. I work at home and spend the first half of the day in my nightgown, and the things I wear if I don't expect to be seen by anyone important while out of the house would probably horrify you. :-)

    1. Thanks for reading Leslie! Everyone's got their own take on the mom uniform. :) It just makes the days you do get "dressed up" to leave the house all the more special! And I'll be the first to admit if I wear something out for a little bit and don't see anyone important, I'll try it again the next time ha ha.