Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Post-partum Wish List

In honor of my upcoming due date (12 days, but who's counting??) I'm reading back over my must-have lists from last time around. As some of you already know, Celine was breech and therefore has to be born via cesarian. We are attempting a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian), but there is only a 50/50 chance I will be able to pull it off, in which case this baby will also be a c-section baby. Meaning, I need to be prepared for anything.

No matter how this baby comes, I have a short little wish list of my own for after she gets here. this is NOT my postpartum or new baby essentials list, which are recommendations for other mommas. This one is just for fun. :D I'm thinking about products and "experiences" (for lack of better terms). So here we go, in no particular order:

1. A Lily Jade diaper bag - I am usually pretty budget conscious, or as Joel would say, stingy. But I'd happily splurge on one of these beauties as a loooong term investment, especially given the durability and how easily they go from super-stylish diaper bag to work/date appropriate handbag. All it takes is a removable insert with--count em--16 pockets to stay with the sitter and momma is good to go. After all, this is a wish list, right?

Photo cred @ralee3kiddos via @lilyjadeco

2. Sushi - I am by no means a sushi snob or even the least bit obsessed with it. I just crave it once in a while, and the craving doesn't go away until I have it again. Then I'm good for another 6 months or so. Given Joel is NOT a fan, I'm usually on my own. Let the record show, though, that ASAP I'm buying myself a spicy shrimp tempura roll and a dragon roll. YUM.

3. A shot of tequila - I'm not a huge drinker in general, let alone tequila. I'm one of those I-like-my-drinks-sweet-with-the-tiniest-hint-of-alcohol-if-any kind of drinks. White Zinfandel, a weak vodka cranberry, a gin and seven with lime and probably watered down. However, once in a while I'll go for a good shot of tequila, only if it is complete with lime and salt. And after this pregnancy, I could definitely go for one sooner rather than later.

4. Cool tunics that would NOT make the wearer look like a giant blob - Apparently, these are harder to find than you'd think. Always try something on before you take the tags off! I have a few things in my wardrobe that will fit now, but when I'm chasing a toddler and nursing a newborn, I'm going to want to not feel like a shlub. Getting rid of the old pre-baby clothes and bringing in the new will help with that, right? Let's just keep telling ourselves that ;)

Found on

Found on Piace Boutique

Image via Tiny Toes, Little Nose
5. Community - I have absolutely LOVED being a part of my MOPS group, especially here in a small town. It is a wonderful reason to get out of the house twice a month, get a little breather from at least one of the littles, and spend some time with other adults. Joel and I are also blessed to have an AWESOME parish that we belong to and we feel like we are constantly making new friends and connections through our faith. And of course, having family nearby is always a plus :)

I guess this technically isn't a wish list item, I'm just very blessed to enjoy community, especially with a new baby in the house. 

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


  1. Love your wish list! I also have a Lily-Jade on my wish list. ;) Stopping by from the FB group.

    1. Thank you Gina! The bags are great, aren't they?? :D

  2. Target had some of those plaid tops!