Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tips for a Happy C-Section

Just in case I do end up having another c-section this time, I'd like to share a few tips from a friend of mine who had her son a few months before Celine was born and was kind enough to pass these wise words off to me. So, without further ado:

9 tips to a happy C-section! (With bonus husband tips!)

Tip 1:  Anesthesia made me shake like a leaf.  I thought I was going crazy - but if it happens to you, know that this is actually normal! 

Tip 2:  After your first dose or so, the nurses will not automatically deliver your pain meds.  You have to ask for them.  No one told me this!  I mean, really, who would not want to take them??

Tip 3:  Enjoy not cleaning gross meconium diapers!  Best part of C-section = all diaper changes will be done by Joel.  Even the 3am ones. :)

Tip 4:  The baby's second night will probably be a little crazy.  Baby slept well the first night, but he wanted to nurse veryveryvery often on night number 2.  The nurses told me that it's common for babies to be really finicky the second night.  I'd suggest just letting baby sleep on your chest if all else fails.

Tip 5:  I needed to buy granny panties (like the super-duper high waisted ones) because my scar was sore for several weeks afterward.  It'd be a good idea to get some now!

Tip 6:  Bring a comfy maternity dress or sweatpants to wear for your ride home, because there's no way in heck you'll want any seams rubbing against your stomach (see tip 4).

Tip 7: Tell Joel to bring the camera into the OR and ask a nurse to take pictures of the kiddo once it arrives.  Some of my favorite pics are in those first few seconds of life!

Tip 8:  If you're having trouble nursing, ask for a lactation consultant immediately.  Mine told me that the key to not getting into a cracked/blistered situation is a proper latch, and she was right.  

Tip 9:  Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about having a c-section. It doesn't matter how the baby gets here, as long as it gets here safely.  You're no less of a champ than women who labor med-free for 48 hours with a doula and and midwife and essential oils andandand...  Seriously.

Bonus husband tip:  

Have Joel bring fun snacks for himself...lots of snacks!  My husband subsisted off of goldfish and fruit snacks for about 36 hours in the hospital.  There's a lot going on in the first day or so and it's way easier to have food on-hand than getting something delivered.  Or better yet, have the some family deliver something for both of you. :)

While I'm in the hospital and spending time with new baby, I'll schedule a few posts to go up and then take a small break to adjust to motherhood. Please pray for my family as we welcome our newest addition oh-so-very soon. Don't forget to cheer on the Denver Broncos this weekend!

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  1. Prayers offered for your beautiful family as of this very moment and continue... I love you!