Friday, October 9, 2015

Recent goings on around here...

Linking up with This Ain't the Lyceum for Link-toberfest! I can't believe this is only my 4th 7QT posts to actually get published... I need to get on that!

Things have been a little different here since the arrival of our sweet Monica, and we are slowly but surely working into what we're calling our "new normal." Here's a few little tidbits and updates from our neck of the woods...

1. Celine adores her baby sister. We catch her crawling up the Rock n' Play to napping Monica, where she watches her and squeals with delight, and then starts putting toys in there with her. I'm not quite sure yet if she's trying to share (a skill we've been practicing) or it's just another fun spot to take things in/out of (her current favorite game). Jury's still out.

2. Monica is a master of breastfeeding... ish. She knows just what to do, as long as she can stay awake long enough to eat. She snacks, refuses to burp in her sleep, we lay her down, she immediately wakes up hungry (or at least within 45 minutes), eats again, and spits up all over me. It's especially fun at night. Let's nip this game in the bud, huh little kid?

3. We recently welcomed Monica into the church (YAY!!!) during a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Rauch. Joel's dad is a deacon (and he also baptized Celine), so it was only right that during their visit to help us transition, we wash the original sin off of her. She tolerated it pretty well, given she was asleep and acted like the chrism was a very nice massage. I love her.

They don't look at the camera too well but they still make pictures way better <3
4. My little brother was also in town for probably his last visit before he moves to Cali to be near his new fiancĂ©e. We were so glad to steal him long enough to make him Monica's godfather and spend some time playing Exploding Kittens before he takes off. We will miss him. Lots.

5. I'm trying to branch out a little bit with my taste in music. I listen almost exclusively to Needtobreathe, Ben Rector, and Maroon 5, especially after my computer crashed and wiped my 8 days of nonstop playing music. It left me with some, but very little. Oh, and I also have a few Top 40 songs that are my favorites periodically. Recently, it's "Bright" by Echosmith. I bought their album "Talking Dreams" and so far, it's not so bad. Maybe I should try new music more often.

6. I'm finally getting some more things on the walls and it definitely makes this house feel like a home. I'm starting to feel more rooted here, and it helps to have our own personal (and Pinterest inspired!) pieces on the wall. None of the rooms are quite done yet, but here's a preview of the girls' room:

We're going for French street inspired.. did we succeed so far?
7. It's finally fall and I could not be more excited. Our local grocery store just got a Starbucks and I'm all like "Just in time for pumpkin spice lattes!!" I'm not WAY gung ho about them, but they sure taste like fall should. Best season of the year. Sweet Lord, thank you for the autumn leaves. They're my fave, but you already know that.

BONUS! 8. I'm a little behind on my #12in12bookchallenge, but I'm giving myself a handicap for having a baby. Speaking of my challenge though, I'm thisclose to finishing Story of a Soul and both of the girls are sleeping... so I'd better get on that. Here are a few little moments to tide you over until the next family update...

Night before leaving the hospital
Daddy and his two girls
First bath at home... super chill the whole time :)
Love this picture, love this girl <3
Have a great weekend!


  1. the French bulldog is so ridic. Love the family photo!

  2. Celine is just lovin' that plush carpet! I love all the photos!

  3. P.s. I can see why little Monica is enjoying that bath so much. Looks like a great place for a nap!

    1. She's got that in common with her daddy... they both love to relax in the tub!