Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Home Office / Command Center Distress Call!

SOOOO... I would love to be a super organized person. I really would. I love the thought of being organized. But the thing is, when it actually comes to making a system and having everything in a clean, minimalist, chic space, I fall way short. 

When I look at this I just hear the "Psycho" music.
I am looking for any and all suggestions on making over this space. Right now it is a dumping ground for the "I'll-deal-with-it-laters" and the "I'm-not-sure-where-that's-going-to-permantly-go-yets" and the ever popular, "keep-that-out-of-the-toddler's-reach" area. 

I have big hopes for this little spot in the kitchen. I'm dreaming of having our calendar visible (the only solid system we have for organizing at the moment), our to-do-list accessible, and plenty of space for inspiration and motivational quotes. Right now the quotes are on the pantry closet door on my DIY magnet chalkboard... right now donning an incomplete (and possibly misquoted?) Bible verse. Catholics for the win.

The desk itself used to be bigger. I used an Ikea desktop and legs for a great price, but we are using the legs for another desk in the house and the short black desktop I formally used is too small and deep for the space I have now. To tide me over until the perfect desk is discovered (one that's reasonably priced of course), I'm using a folding table. Because YOLO.

I tried to dress up the drawer of desk knickknacks with washi tape, but unfortunately the tape I chose is semi-transparent (are they all that way? I'm new to this...) and it has been peeling off pretty much since I put it on. The former in/out boxes were a good idea when my desk was bigger, but for now they're just adding more square footage to the dumping ground.

In an effort to clear some of the clutter off of the desk, I hung our "needs attention" and "to file" folders, now containing who knows what. I probably should just label the whole desk "needs attention." I dressed up the translucent file folders with cute cards, but now I'm thinking it's making the whole thing look sloppier.

I am in love with this clock though. SO cute.
The pop-up containers are meant for food (I think? At least that's what was pictured on the box) and they do look cute on the shelf (pictured above), but I should probably put something in them if I'm going to keep them there... yep, that would help. The washi tape strikes again on the mason jar pencil holder.

Even the tissues look flat. They just can't even.
Future paint color preview on the wall though!
I think the bulletin board looks all right... I used a free printable calendar I found on Pinterest and a chore calendar I found (somewhere?), with a couple of extra notes... and Jesus.

So to all of you artists, designers, and organizing aficionados... any suggestions?? I'll post a brand-spanking new "after" picture once the disaster zone gets cleared and it's HGTV worthy (fingers crossed). What inspires you? What does your workspace look like? I love reading your comments and messages. :)

Talk to you soon!


  1. Purge, baby, purge! Paper is my biggest enemy at home. I've found that just getting rid of junk mail and "Well, maybe I'll look at this later" stuff as soon as it enters the house is a big help. I threw out or shredded all my papers that were no longer relevant after reading Marie Kondo's book. Any that were really important (marriage license, passports, birth certificate, W-2's, car registrations -- yes those were all just lying around ...) I stored in an accordion folder thing. But this is a good reminder to do it again since now I've just taken to stuffing papers in my desk drawers. My default setting is to squirrel stuff away so it's at least out of sight, which usually results in Ted walking around asking "Where did that thing I put here last night go?" so I'd appreciate any tips you get, too! Miss you, girl!

    1. Paper is the worst. I need to stop keeping the FYI fliers they hand out at every appointment for the girls ( I think that's half of it and I still have all the notes from Celine!). "Squirrel it away" is the perfect thing to call it... I'm definitely a squirrel. Did you like Marie Kondo's book? I'm going to have to check it out...

  2. Ugh, paper clutter and my desk organization is the worst! What has helped me the most is 1) go through mail right away and toss anything that isn't necessary, 2) figure out a filing system that I'll follow through with, and 3) constantly, every day perhaps, do a quick 5-minute straightening up of my desk and any other paper piles. But of course I'm human and there are still crazy times in life where I don't do those things and I totally regret it.

    1. I can see your point! Even 5 minutes a day makes a huge difference. I'm good about doing that in the living room, I'll have to start applying myself to the desk disaster ha ha. Thanks for the tips Jen!