Friday, December 11, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

Hey all! Linking up with Annabelle for SQT... Here's what's happening in our neck of the woods:

1. I finally have my momentum back to finish my #12in12bookchallenge! I was on or ahead of schedule all year... and then this July/August we bought and renovated our house, and then in September Monica was born, so... no time for reading. Now she's mostly sleeping though the night, so that leaves nap times for me to actually do stuff! Yay! You can check my Instagram for more updates as they come... hopefully in January I'll remember enough to review some of the books :)

2. Speaking of doing stuff, I found my new favorite chore chart and I have no recollection of where. Joel and I have tried different systems, but it always seems to add up and pile together on one day OR leaves out monthly/yearly chores that end up falling through the cracks. I'm not nearly organized enough to write my own (I wish i was though... you'd think it'd be easy!) so I was overjoyed to find this one (somewhere):

I love that it breaks down pretty much every chore into a few small ones to tackle each day and then one more. That is SO not overwhelming. I'm almost ready to crown myself a domestic diva... although my homemade pie crust skills can use a little help.

3. A nasty cold has been working its way through our house. Celine has the worst of it now (currently hacking up phlegm in her crib) and we're praying Monica doesn't catch it too... nothing breaks my heart quite like a sick baby who is too little for any home remedies or medicines to help her out.

4. I'll be surprised if Monica doesn't catch it though, given how much of a liking Celine has taken to her. We can now daily find Celine sneaking over to pet her head, rock her in the Rock N' Play, high five her (just hitting Monica's hand whether she's sleeping or awake), or giving baby sister her hat and a blanket. It warms my heart to see them making each other smile. Best friends forever!

5. Celine is heading back to PT once a week to help her make progress with walking. She's pretty stubborn, but she also has low muscle tone especially in her bottom half, which makes things a little more challenging for her. It's hard to tell the difference between what she is can't do yet or what she doesn't want to do yet, but given that she hasn't really progressed since she stopped going to PT in June, we're doing our best to make sure she's still moving forward (pun intended). She did great her first two visits back, so if you remember please say a prayer for her patience and strength (and ours too)! :)

6. It's finally Advent, my most favorite liturgical season. We've been prepping for weeks on what/how we will make our family traditions and keep Christ at the center of our focus. The advent candles are on the table (soon-to-be a DIY wreath centerpiece), the tree is up, and we started reading our ADORABLE Advent calendar. Yay!!

7. I brushed off my baking and went back to baking earlier this week (hence above reference to pie crust) and although I'm rusty, I'm determined to impress Joel with something delicious to make the house smell amazing and hopefully not clog our arteries from the lard and sugar content. Any suggestions??

Until next time!

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