Monday, January 18, 2016

Dear Celine

You are my greatest adventure.

"Helping" Daddy fix a broken TV
I was going to write another post specifically for you until 18 months, but 17 months will have to be close enough. I have so much to say to you that you can't really understand yet. This is my way of jotting it down so eventually you will find it.

You're not going to like when you find this picture on the internet, but come on. Your face is awesome.
You constantly are making Daddy and me laugh. We were told since the wedding that we would have weird kids because both of us are silly, but you definitely broke the mold. Daily we glance over at you playing by yourself and can't help but ask "What are you DOING?" You growl when you get frustrated, squeal and run when you are happy, and sometimes when you get super excited you bonk your head repeatedly on the floor (or back of your chair). You carry toys around in your mouth, particularly sort your puzzle pieces and legos with some unexplainable system, and you surprise us with your antics all. day. long.

You go to bed like a champ. We just give you a pacifier and a burp cloth and your head drops to our shoulder for some sweet snuggles. You're at the point now that when you want to sit on our laps, you just climb on up and plop your cute little behind down. Your absolute favorite is to sit with Daddy when he's at his desk. I think because he's working during the day, you do your best to soak up every minute with him when he comes home.

You have exceeded my expectations when it comes to loving on Monica. She is only 3 months old, so even though she can't play with you yet, you still coo at her in the morning from your crib, take breaks from playing to wave and tell her "hi," and you kiss her head just as much as we do. You've even started bringing her toys and books when she's on the floor near you. I know it's not likely that you'll always be best friends, but I hope you stay close and always have her back. She lights up when you are around her and she loves to watch you entertain.

It's crazy to think that Daddy and I know you better than anyone else in the world right now. Thank you for tolerating my constant kisses and snuggles and hugs... and thank you for giving them back to me now. I hope you always stay weird, even if it's not cool. You are original, special, and 100% unique. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us. Stay goofy, sweet girl.

...and you're supposed to be napping right now. Please stop yell-singing in your crib and go to sleep.


  1. I love this! All her cute little faces! We need to come visit again! <3

    1. Yes please! We'd love another playdate with you and your little man ;)

  2. She is deffinately a unique child. And I love her even the more for it! She makes us all laugh so often! She is so so sweet. XOXO

    1. She's a goon but we very lovable goon :)