Monday, January 25, 2016

Monica Jane: 4 Months

Monica mouse,

You are the absolute happiest little baby! You will talk and talk and talk forever and you smile all. the. time. You are pretty ticklish, but we don't have any solid laughs from you yet. I am so excited to hear you belly laugh with Celine!

We just gave you your first haircut. I expected you to scream through the whole thing, but you had a HUGE smile on your face the whole time. It was awesome. Your new hair is already coming in pretty full and it looks like you're going to be blonder like Daddy and me when we were little! You're more of a mini-me than I thought. Girl after my heart!

You are still trying to sit up whenever you can; it will only be a matter of time before you can do it by yourself. You are SO CLOSE to rolling over on your own. Tummy time is your fave now and you rock at it.

You are old enough now to lock eyes on something, grab it, and pull my hair is not grateful). You're playing with toys, finding yourself in the mirror, and reaching for us whenever we're close. It warms my heart to see you calm down when you are touching Daddy or me in one way or another.

Celine is stil your little buddy and you smile big for her whenever she's around. I think Daddy is still your favorite though... it's hard for you to stay focused enough to eat when he's home. You just watch him move around the house, and when he finally looks at you, your mouth bursts into a huge goofy grin and your legs pump like there's no tomorrow. You have started to prefer being with him sometimes, crying when anyone tries to hold or entertain you that's not Daddy. I love that you have bonded with him so much already.

I know this is cliche, but you really are growing faster than I can keep up with you. Nona just picked up some new clothes for you and you're already growing out of them. As I write this you're rolling around on the floor (or at least trying to) and busting out of your 6-9 mo shirt and your 3-6 mo pants are long enough for your legs but only halfway cover your cute little behind. We can't get enough of your little chubby rolls... you are so soft and snuggly and squishy, I could just kiss you forever!! I won't though... but I'll try.

Thank you for lighting up my life, Monnie!


  1. She is so so sweet. She deffinately looks like you did at that age. XOXO

    1. That's what people keep telling us! It's funny, I don't really see myself in her, I just see Monica <3