Thursday, February 25, 2016

Monica Jane: 5 Months

Oh my sweet Monica, you are such a delight!

You are FIVE months old today. You have been getting stronger and stronger every day. You even do push ups pretty much just like I do. You want to sit up so bad but you're not quite there yet. Soon, though dear! For now you're flipping over in about half a second and lifting your head and shoulders off the floor in an attempt to sit up on your own. You have amazing ab strength. #fitspiration.

Your hair is coming back in and, we guessed right, it's significantly lighter than your sister's. Your eyes are still blue but I just noticed the tiniest speck of brown in them, so who knows what color they will end up. No matter what color they are, they sparkle big time.

I love how easily you smile. You looooove your feet: kicking them around, playing with them, chewing on them, or letting us use them to tickle your chest (flexible much?!). You can reach out and grab things pretty quickly now, including (but not limited to) our faces, my phone, my food, Daddy's glasses, and anything that lights up. We're moving big sis to her booster seat and before you know it, the high chair will be all yours.

You love to snuggle, but only if you're upright. Unless you're sleeping... you take lots of cat naps on my lap when your tummy is full. And that tummy though... Your soft skin and little rolls melt me. In a big way. I can't stop kissing you all over and I have no intention to start trying to stop now.

Daddy and I figured out that the fastest way to get you to sleep is by changing your diaper (which you also LOVE) and making a constant "shhhhhh" in your ear. It kind of soothes me too, so thank you for that.

I love you so much, princess!


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    1. Justine, what a sweet way to tell your baby about love. I hope you will keep this for her to read someday. Oh, how love these precious little ones.