Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What I would tell my younger self

Recently I've been reflecting on the passage of time and how much I have changed over the last few years. The number of my age is rising, but somehow I don't feel like I am growing at the same rate. Yet, at the same time, something can happen and I have to change and adapt and mature very quickly.

Sometimes I feel like I still belong back in college. I do miss those days; having most of my close friends walking distance away, copious amounts of free time, being challenged in the classroom, and no bills to pay (well, not really). But I'm not in college anymore. I still don't feel as old as my age says I am, but the older I get, the faster life seems to be moving.

These are a few things I'd like to let my younger self know.

1. You won't live forever. Don't take your health for granted. - Sure, right now you can survive off of pizza and ice cream and laugh over a glass of wine about going to the gym, but that will catch up with you faster than you think. Even little changes will make a huge difference in the long run. Skip the second slice of pie and have a salad instead.

2. There isn't an expiration date on your heart. - Why are you in such a rush to get married? Just because people around you are getting engaged before graduation doesn't mean you need to also graduate with a ring. An MRS degree is not the end all be all and when the time is right, you'll know. Don't force it because you're scared your time will run out. Trust that the right man will find you when you both are ready. Use the time until then to make yourself better. He'll like that.

3. Knowledge is important. - Grades might not matter as much "in the real world," but remembering what you learned does matter. Crash studying for a test might help you pass the class, but make sure you're still learning. Refresh your memory often, brush up on your old notes, and feed that hunger to know. If you don't foster it, it might fade away. And that would be tragic.

4. Know your priorities. - They might change, but keep them in mind at all times and let them drive your choices. Sainthood, family, travel, career... whatever it may be, keep losing forward. Your dreams don't have to be reserved for sleep.

5. Follow your heart but take your head with you. - Trust your gut, but use common sense. You'll save yourself a lot of tears, time, and money that way.

And to my present self:

It's not too late. - You're not that old. You can still be spontaneous. You can still travel. You can still have adventures. They might not look the same as you had pictured five or ten years ago, but your life didn't end when you decided to settle down. Get in shape, savor a weekend away, take a family vacation, try something new. Your future self will thank you for it.


  1. I think about this stuff often and just talk to myself about it! LOL Its nice to have it written down and to know I'm not the only one! God bless!! Visiting from CWBS over at histrueimage.com

    1. Thanks Veronica! I promise, you're not the only one ;)