Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Living Room Reveal!

Hey all! Our house is a work in progress, but we are happily chugging away, piece by piece, to make it our own. I am so used to having a dorm eclectic style (by default), and I have been having a blast figuring out my own design style as an adult. I'm starting to be a little bit more picky about the things we let into our home instead of just buying things because they are cheap or a good deal or "I'll eventually find a place for that." So here we go!

*Pardon the toys strewn about... this is real life here, folks. As it will probably be with all of my room makeover posts, some things will continue to change and there are always a few more last things to be added (in this case, trim around the floor is #1). However, if we wait until we have the perfect room, we might be waiting forever. This is us finding "perfection" in the progress. ;)

Let's start with a couple "before" photos...

When we bought the house

30+ year old carpet
Our first night in the house
Decorations for Celine's birthday last August
Our "entertainment center" and toy storage

And finally, the after!

These chairs were a clearance find and I am so glad I snatched them up when I did. They were a breeze to assemble by myself (patting myself on the back) and I still can't get over how replacing ONE oversized recliner with TWO slipper chairs has not only added another place to sit, but also made the room feel bigger. Score!

I was anxious to find another toy storage solution that still worked with the decor. These cubbies are perfect for organizing the girls' things in a way that is still stylish and toddler-accessible. 

Shop the look: chairs  / storage shelves / drawers / lamp / shade

Our gallery wall has been a work in progress, but I love the personality of the mismatched frames, brought together with the cohesive matte. The mismatched frames we found just around the house or at garage sales... the best places to find unexpected treasures!

Shop the look: blonde frames / brown frames

The entertainment center is really our pride and joy. We finally have an affordable, functional entertainment center that we put together (literally!) ourselves. We combined two bookcases and tv stand to make the design we had in mind fit the small space. I still haven't figured out quite how to style the shelves, but it's a work in progress. ;)

Shop the look: tv stand / bookshelves / clock / wreath

By far the darkest piece in the room, our couch is stylish, comfortable, and for the most part kid friendly. Of course, about a week after we splurge and buy it, Celine gets the flu... I'll let you put together the rest. The coffee table was custom made by home decorator/DIY expert/bargain hunter extraordinaire, my mom :) The pillows came with the couch but I recovered them with Hobby Lobby fabric. 

The glider is on loan while baby girl is little... we're using it ALL the time in this season of our lives 
Shop the look: couch / throw / pillow fabric

Next up: the curtains and finishing the gallery wall, then moving on to the next room!

I tried to find the exact items online but because some of them were clearance items from years ago or TJ Maxx/Homegoods/Marshalls finds, I linked to similar items instead. :)

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