Friday, March 25, 2016

Monica Jane: 6 Months

My sweet Monica,

You are rolling all over the place and it is awesome. You spin around on the floor, you intentionally reach for toys and you start to notice when something you have/want gets taken away. Your first tooth is poking through juuuuust barely and we're predicting a couple more are following close behind. I feel like the time is just flying by with you, so I've been making an extra effort to soak up every moment of your soft, chubby, cuteness.

You're into baby cereals now, which we just started giving you a couple of days ago. It gets a little tricky trying to get it into your mouth with you being so grabby, but when you do get a good bite you give me a huge smile and try to lap up more off of the spoon.

Loud noises bother you, and you get startled pretty easy. It makes you a pretty light sleeper, which can be tricky. You're getting better at calming yourself back down though, especially if you have the bunny we bought you. I was really hoping that would become your lovey. It makes me happy to see you favor it so much.

You talk quite a bit. We have so much fun watching you figure out how to make different sounds and experiment with them. You even wake up and coo and chat to yourself in the middle of the night sometimes... Something tells me you and I are going to be the talkers in the family and we're just going to gab everyone else to death.

You and Celine are still getting along pretty well, although she is still working on sharing. You like toys that light up and play music (big surprise, you're a baby), but those also happen to be the ones Celine likes the most too. Just make sure you remember to take turns and give each other space when you need it. It's going to be hard sometimes, but you're sisters, so you have to love each other.

You make me laugh so much and it seems like you never. stop. moving. Your favorite thing above all is your feet (especially chewing them), you are VERY ticklish, and it is a miracle to change your diaper without you trying to roll away 800,000 times. And those muscles! You have amazing abs and you can do better crunches than me. You will be sitting up in no time!

My sweet girl, I love to watch you grow. You will always have a special place in my heart that is reserved just for you. You are my precious gem, the apple of my eye. Things are pretty crazy around here most days, and I know I don't get to spend as much quality time with you as I should, but please remember that you will never get lost in the shuffle. You are so special and I love, love, love you.

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  1. She is so very beautiful and oh so so sweet!