Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bathroom Reveal!

We bought this house almost a year ago already, and since then we have been slowly chipping away at renovation projects. We recently made some huge strides in our living room makeover and since then we have been slowly putting finishing touches on the rest of the rooms in the house. Joel laughs at me because each time I finish a section I exclaim, "This is my favorite part of the house!!" ...which lasts until I finish the next section, which becomes my new favorite, and so on.

*As it will probably be with all of my room makeover posts, some things will continue to change and there are always a few more last things to be added (in this case, trim around the floor is #1). However, if we wait until we have the perfect room, we might be waiting forever. This is us finding "perfection" in the progress. ;)

If you're not interested in a billion pictures of our bathroom progress, you're in the wrong place.


Doesn't this just look like the most flattering light? I DEFINITELY want to see myself in this mirror every morning. Not. At least the faucet was pretty.
The bathroom had to be completely gutted when we moved in. The drains were clogged with who knows what (they were beyond repair), the tub was stained and scratched and so gross it would have been cheaper to replace it than to mess with cleaning it, which was fine by me. In the process, we also had to rip out the walls, tub surround, and flooring.

Quite the change from the "before." I had lots of mixed emotions when I first walked into this.

My generous father-in-law offering his expertise and vacation time to help us... thank you Chris!

I have never cared so much about floor tile before. If there is a way to convey how tile could feel "soft and creamy," I would do it. I kept saying "I want it to feel like a very small spa!"

These pictures before/during pictures span the from the day we closed on the house to the day we moved in, complete with the inaugural "flush." (There was nothing in it, we were just testing to make sure it worked... at 11:00 PM... before we could finally go to bed in our new house, thankfully with a working toilet.


The only things we kept in the bathroom were the toilet, sink, and corner cabinet. One of these days (when I run out of rooms to make over) I'll tackle a bunch of closet/cabinet storage DIY's and show those off on the internet too.



We took away the oval mirror with lights attached and hung a thrifted one with a brushed nickel light fixture we found that added more even light that wasn't directly in our eyes. Keeping the sink ended up saving us a lot of money and it still works with the small space. Joel's favorite part is the curved shower curtain rod, which was a tiny detail that seems to make all the difference when it comes to elbow room in there.

We are thinking we will eventually put a white storage cabinet here to make toothbrushes and stuff a little more accessible and to optimize storage in the small space, but in the meantime we filled the gap with a poster (the frame for which I already had).

The TP holder used to be in a hole in the wall across the cabinets, so we opted for a thin holder that we could move if we needed to so it didn't clutter up the space. A glass shelf may or may not go above the sink sometime in the not-so-distant future. We'll see,

We used to have a nice memory foam bathmat, but it was a royal pain to clean so we switched it out for a bargain one in the meantime. It still gets the job done, so we might just stick it out.

Like what you see? Shop the look: rug / shower curtain / TP holder / poster / soap dispenser 

So there you go! We'll be chipping away at more rooms, so stay tuned for the master bedroom redo, coming up soon :)

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