Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Monica Jane: 8 Months


Sweet baby girl, where do I even start. You are so quirky and silly and unlike anyone I have ever met. You don't crawl with your knees still, but you're covering ground faster and faster with your inchworm move. My favorite is when you stick your butt as far in the air as you can and then look under your arms and legs. The world must look so strange upside-down. You rest on all fours, but that's usually to take a break to look up and smile at everyone. You smile so much!!

Except when you meet new people... you aren't always quick to share your grin. It seems like you're studying each new face and situation as hard as you can before you then choose to grin or slowly contort your face into a slow windup of a cry. 

We've tried giving you baby food a few times, but it's tricky... you seem to be eating it all right, but you would much rather gnaw on your fingers the whole time, which makes the technique of teaching you spoon-eating is proving a little more challenging. We've tried puffs and Cherrios, but from your dramatic gags, you have made it quite clear that it is not time yet. You would much rather continue to nurse 5ish times a day, which I don't mind. I love our little special time together.

You just started sitting up unsupported and it is the cutest thing in the world. You're investigating everything, including tiny little specks of crumbs and who-knows-what on the floor that are apparently too small for me to even notice before I see them stuck to your slobbery hands and face (oh, the drool!). 

I always get the biggest smiles and most emphatic greetings, but now you're starting to follow Daddy around when he doesn't pick you up fast enough. You scooch up to him and then put your hand on his foot and press your head into his leg until he pays attention. You do it to me too, but it's funnier when you do it to him.

You're squirmy as all getout, which is making Mass a little more of a circus with the two of you girls. At least you and C entertain each other more, and she even plays peek-a-boo with you. You're still working on the concept of sharing, but something tells me that will be a while.

Monica Jane, the best thing you do at 8 months is your happy face. You scrunch up your eyes and nose, open your mouth wide (hello, two bottom pearly whites!!) and--I don't even know how to describe this--pant? Breathe loud? Anyways, you do it every time you are happy and it is awesome.

I love you so much Monners, and I can't wait to see you grow and grow.

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  1. What a little cutie! I love that age! So many new things to explore! Neither of my kids would accept being fed with a spoon... so baby led weaning it was, by necessity. ;) Trying to feed them with a spoon made for some messy, funny pictures, though!