Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I may not ever be "Pinterest-worthy" and I'm ok with that.

Comparison. BOOM. There it is.

I've been reflecting recently on how difficult it is NOT to compare. Back in the dark ages before Facebook had pages and Instagram was a thing and "pin-spiration" was a nonsense word, we only looked around to the the people in our lives as examples and to give us ideas for what we should/could be doing. Or Ask Jeeves for advice.

But now, we are surrounded by staged food photos, beautiful feeds with immaculate kitchens, and everyone and their mother's opinion plastered everywhere with super clickbait-y titles. Mom guilt, health guilt, career guilt, xyz guilt, etc, is worse than ever. Why? Because now we are looking at EVERYONE's internet-worthy lives.

And I don't fit in a pin.

I LOVE beautiful blogs and I am WAY out of control with my Pinterest usage. I love the ideas and the DIY's and the outfits and the everything. But I need to remind myself constantly that what we see online isn't always the whole picture and my life is going to be different from said pictures.

And that's ok.

How I feel the majority of the time. LAWLZ.

I can do my best to replicate what I find online and make it my own. I can do my version of polyvore outfits and show my hairstylist EXACTLY what I want my hair to look like. BUT there's still the dirty, messy, sticky, and imperfection that keeps me grounded. Mostly thanks to my sticky toddler and baby who is determined to rip all of my hair out. Kids, I love you both, thanks for keeping Mommy from getting lost in the clouds.

I have dreams, aspirations, and as I've touched on before, I'm an underachieving perfectionist. I want to have everything JUST SO and be the best, and if I know it won't be, I don't try (or give up as soon as a project doesn't meet the standard in my head). I just need to remember that I am not going to be naturally gifted at everything I attempt, I haven't invested a lot of time and effort into every hobby or aspect of my life, so it's not going to look like someone who has. Even if I did, it would still look different.

And that's fine by me. Because I am different.

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Any pin, post, tweet, snap, and so on, comes from me. It comes from my background, my temperament, my love language, my strengths, my brokenness, and my heart. There will always be someone with better pictures, better writing, more detailed but simple DIY's, more everything than me. But that should never, ever, stop me from being profoundly, fiercely, myself.

I take my photos on my cracked iPhone and a borrowed DSLR I use as a point-and-shoot (basically I take 1 billionish pictures and I'm bound to end up with one good one). My room makeovers are 85% done at best and I haven't spent more than 3 minutes on my hair in the last few months. But that's Justine, and I'm nailing that better than anyone else could.

So keep your chin up, fellow persons. You are you better than anyone else could be. No matter what else you accomplish today, you're already killing it.

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