Friday, June 3, 2016

The sounds of summer

Summer is officially unofficially upon us, and one of our busiest summers yet is in full swing. Well, busy compared to last summer, when I spent the majority of the time on the couch because of my uber-pregnant-ness, humid heat, and the move/home reno, which proved surprisingly more difficult for me to participate.

NONETHELESS, we are spending as much time as we can outside before the weather gets icky (#iowalife).

(1) Joel and I have lofty plans for landscaping, backyard recreational areas, and upping our curb appeal. We're running with it while we have the momentum, which is fine by me.

(2) I made the girls a make shift water table, a.k.a., a shallow tub with water in it. So far it has been a hit! We even pulled it out with the mini pool for a cousin's pool day, and the water table ended up being the perfect baby tub for Monners to play without getting overwhelmed by the big kids. Glorious!!

(3) I've also been on a hat kick lately, which could partially be because of the period books I've been reading and shows I've been watching. I'm running with it anyways, and it's finally getting to the point for the girls where it isn't unnatural to see me wearing a hat. I've always wanted to be one of those women, and now I am. Next up: hat + breaking in my gardening gloves (too bad I'm such a wimp about skeeters... hopefully they'll lighten up soon). Currently wearing this beauty from JCP.

(4) We spent the long weekend at home, with some much needed quality time. We went to mass, entertained the kiddos and worked on DIY projects during the day, and by night watched Captain America movies (love that dude). The girls were great on our home improvement store trips, so we treated ourselves them to ice cream aaaaaand it was adorable (until we took the leftover melty cone away, but let's keep this upbeat).

(5) I've been working on a sensory board for the girls, inspired by this and this and this. I've mostly been waiting to be inspired for what specifically to put on it and/or collecting things from around the house. I've made tons of progress thus far, obviously.

(6) I'd also like to shout out to my new niece!! Joel's brother and his wife just welcomed their second daughter, Aurora Josephine, and we are over the moon. Celine wants to look at pictures and videos of her constantly and she is absolutely precious. We can't wait to meet her!!

(7) We tried this recipe for breakfast casserole muffins, and they're WONDERFUL. Celine gobbles them up (which is rare nowadays) and they're so easy to make. If you have busy mornings and/or picky toddlers, I highly recommend them. Easy, healthy, portable, delicious.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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  1. What fun! I especially like the ice cream photo op!! XOXO