Friday, July 15, 2016

Binge-wirthy and cringe-worthy

We watch quite a bit of TV around here. I'm not ashamed of it; I try to keep a healthy balance. We watch very little when the kids are up, but when I get into a show, I really get into a show. It's a big way that I unwind, especially because it's hard to me to find the patience to read books all of the time, and even then, sometimes it's easier to follow along in the book when I can put a face to the characters (because I've already seen the movie).

Point being, I like to consider myself somewhat of a Netflix expert (doesn't everyone, though?). I have my own tastes, but I'm usually pretty good about helping other people pick out new shows based on what they already are watching.

Ok this definitely sounds like a humblebrag... I don't mean it that way... I just watch a lot of TV in my spare time!

Here on my thoughts on what's been on our "Recently watched" list...

Poldark: Binge-worthy
I'd describe this show as a cross between Downton Abbey and Jane Austen movies, with a hint of The Count of Monte Cristo. I don't want to talk it up too much, but I honestly believe there's a little something in it for everyone. Also, technically this is on Amazon Prime, not Netflix, so there's that to consider.
You might like it if you also liked: Downton Abbey, Jane Austen, The Count of Monte Cristo

Person of Interest: Binge-worthy
Unpredictable stories, great chemistry between the leads, little gory violence and no sex, still great character development. We've been on the edge of our seats. Every plot twist I have guessed has been wrong so far, which is saying something. I like to be surprised!
You might like it if you also liked: Sherlock, House, Blacklist

Fuller House: Cringe-worthy
...unless you're a die hard fan of the original show. It's a pretty typical family sitcom, but the acting is more exaggerated, the characters and storylines are more outrageous, and the jokes are pretty flat. I'd say it's still a good family show if you can look past all of that, but the constant cleavage and not-so-veiled sexual innuendos kept me from getting past two episodes.
You might like it if you also liked: Full House... I don't know what else, these aren't usually my cup of tea.

House of Cards: Binge-worthy
...if you're not afraid of some pretty dark series-of-unfortunate-events style stories and you're not too proud to fast forward some sketchy scenes. The storylines are complicated, the characters are intense, and you can't help but feel something watching it, even if it's wanting a certain character to get what's coming to him SO BAD. I mean, COME ON! Just don't watch it before you go to bed... if makes for some weird dreams. Also, you will probably never trust politicians again. It's just a show.
You might like it if you also liked: Bloodline, Breaking Bad

Grey's Anatomy: Cringe-worthy
...unless you're into soap operas that shove a liberal agenda down your throat. I hoped it would be more along the lines of Scrubs when I started it, but 13 seasons later, it's a full blown soap. This show is way more tolerable as a drinking game and/or when you make charts to keep track of all of the traumatic events and who has slept with who. Also, 90% of the best characters die or leave (but who wouldn't after that long on a show??). Yet, when I'm folding laundry, I still keep coming back to it. Why? I have no idea.
You might like it if you also liked: General Hospital, Private Practice, Scrubs, Pretty Little Liars

Fed Up: Binge-worthy
Technically you can't really binge watch one documentary, but still. Normally I'm not big on food documentaries, mostly because they remind me of that book we read in high school about the meat industry back in the day (I don't really want to know how the sausage is made, I'd just like it on my plate with plenty of peppers and onions... or in marinara sauce over pasta... or alongside eggs and toast... I really shouldn't blog before dinner). This one was different for me though. It was very eye opening about the sugar industry in America and since watching it, Joel and I have made a much bigger effort to remove extra sugar from our diet (and it is totally making a difference!
You might like it if you also liked: Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, Hungry for Change, Supersize Me

If you like where these came from, you might also enjoy some thoughts on Man of Steel or the best list of chick flicks I could come up with.

Happy watching! 


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