Monday, August 22, 2016

Celine is TWO!

Our first born is entering her second year of life outside the womb, and I really thought I'd be more prepared than this.

Joel and I cleaned the house and set up for her French themed birthday party Friday night. When we finished blowing up the balloons and hanging up the streamers, I couldn't help but get all emotional. She's still my little squirt, but I can't believe how quickly she is picking up words and phrases and mimicking things we do, but then turning around and doing something goofy and totally her own creation (for example, this morning: "Mom! Watch!" and she put her cereal on the lid of her soppy cup, tipped it to her mouth, and she proudly swallowed milk and cereal at the same time). She's got a mind on her, this little one, who is not so little anymore.

I'm not sure she totally understood what was going on, but she had to have some idea. We went into her room to get her up Saturday morning, b-day, and she returned our greeting with her arms outstretched with a big ol' "Birt-day!"

We hosted my mom and my sister's fam for some ham & cheese croissants, fruit & yogurt, and a cake experiment of Joel and mine (which turned out pretty good!).

The party was a hit, and I'm so thankful Celine enjoyed it, now that she's old enough to. Monica was on the fence a bit about everyone being there, but she warmed up pretty fast once the wrapping paper was fair game ;)

And to our sweet toddler,

You are a new adventured every day. You are spunky, creative, sassy, and always trying to make us laugh. You are very particular and definitely want things your way, but at the same time you channel that into being protective of all of us. You love to draw (mostly Dad, big surprise), feed us bites of whatever you cooked in your kitchen, and randomly come and sit by us while you're playing whatever you're playing.

Some of your favorite things: putting on your sweatshirt & shoes to go anywhere, having Dad get you up in the morning (or having Dad with you anytime ever), taking a bath (if you don't have to move or splash or get your hair wet), and babies... all babies. Also Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh.

You read to yourself when you have quiet time and you sing when you are happy or supposed to be sleeping. Your go-to tunes are the Sesame Street theme and Wheels on the Bus. You also count to 5 in French & Spanish and you count to 10 in English... the best is when you mix them up a little here or there. Or when you're playing by yourself and just start counting.

Reading the doorstop after the party
We love you oh so very much, our sweet Celine. You are a great big sister to Monica and we can't wait to see you with the baby in February. I have no doubts you're going to smother that baby in kisses if we give you the chance. You love so hard and your giggle is contagious. Don't even get me started on your luscious eyelashes... they're probably going to get you into (or out of) trouble eventually. 

We can't wait to see what this year brings for us.

I love you "sooooo much,"