Monday, November 28, 2016

Capsule wardrobe trial run (Thanksgiving packing)

I mentioned somewhere along the line that I would love to put together a capsule wardrobe, but it doesn't really mesh (ha ha) with the season of life that I'm in at the moment. I love the idea, though, of having mostly pieces that are timeless, comfortable, and versatile. As few pieces as possible, as many outfits as possible. Our trip to visit Joel's family for Thanksgiving only lasted 11 days (counting travel days), but I like to have my options for putting things together in the moment. Also, it doesn't hurt to account for messy kid mishaps.

So the final count: 19 pieces, 20 outfits (probably more outfits, I was running out of ideas/time putting them together electronically... also I think I forgot to same three. I'm new to Polyvore. If I'm doing it wrong, someone please tell me). This was a capsule wardrobe trial run, as my goal is to slim down my wardrobe once I settle in to a little more of a slimmer self (baby weight loss and all). I tried to keep my options somewhat limited and in the same color palette, to make them a little easier to shuffle.

Thanksgiving 2016

We had a pretty loose schedule, so there was plenty of room to mix up casual (hanging out around the house, maybe leaving for coffee) and occasions that required at least a tad more effort (dinner at a restaurant, Thanksgiving itself). I made sure to pack versatile mix & match pieces that were still comfortable for my super preggo self.

**Note: The polypore pieces are not specifically maternity, as most of the pieces I actually packed are not. However, especially with the bottoms, I do have their equivalents in maternity and regular sizes, so this is still counting as a little bit of a test run.

I included tops, bottoms, a couple layering pieces, two scarves, and three pairs of shoes. And I am literally JUST realizing right now that I FORGOT to include a black and white plaid 3/4 sleeve top on this whole thing... but that's ok, it doesn't button over my tummy, so it probably won't get used on this trip But now that I think about it, I have some ideas... if I remember I'll update this later. That being said... here we go!

Thanksgiving 2016 days 1-4

Thanksgiving 2016 days 5-8

Thanksgiving 2016 days 9-12

Thanksgiving 2016 days 13-16

Thanksgiving 2016 days 20-23

I did not count jewelry (it's super small to pack anyways and it would have added WAY more options) or pajamas (because no one cares or would see them anyways). I also left out maternity support tanks (they won't really apply to the capsule wardrobe in a couple of months and they're hidden under all of the other outfits anyways).

Also I should note that if you follow the links through to Polyvore, the specific items I pictured do not exactly match the items in my closet. I went with as close as I could find. If anyone is interested in specific links, I'll be sure to add them in or let you know one way or another.

Happy outfitting!

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