Thursday, January 12, 2017

Guest Room Reveal!

Oooooh man, guys. It has been a long time since I've revealed another room in the house. We've been rearranging furniture like crazy, mostly because I'm nesting and I want to optimize the space and furniture that I have, which means the more rooms we furnish, the more ideas I get for what should go where. We've been chipping away at our basement, which used to look like this...

Back when we had a rabbit...

Future guest room.... so welcoming!

The other half of the basement... the old guest room was on the other side of the paneling.

We (and by we I mean Joel and everyone who helped with our house reno when we moved in) gutted most of the basement, pretty much down the the studs. And then some... walls came down and my handy father-in-law put some new ones up in better spots. We flipped the guest room to the other side (to make it easier to add the appropriate window when the weather gets better).

Over the last few months, Joel put the drywall up, my mom painted, and the three of us took a stab at laying down some flooring. All of a sudden, about a week before we were to host my brother and his wife from California, it all came together in there...

(we are still waiting on some trim and a few more final touches, but I like what we have so far!)

We are working on a DIY padded headboard to add to the bed once some other projects get completed.

Jury's still out on what we're doing for closet doors. So far suggestions include a bead curtain, aaaand that's it.

Door's going to be painted white at some point.
Joel spray painted the ceiling white in the whole basement instead of closing it off. The texture ended up looking really cool and the white brightens up the space a ton. 

Recognize the bedding? Some of it used to be in our room!

If I hold the camera juuuuust so, the lamps almost look matching.

comforter / orange throws / blue throw (handed down) / white blanket (handed down) 
lamps (thrifted) / end tables (thrifted) / bird canvas (Homegoods circa 2012) 
subway sign (Hobby Lobby circa 2013) / dresser and mirror set (handed down)

I'll be fun to add more personality to the room as time goes on, but until then, the Rauch B&B is open for business! I'm tempted to add a guest book and comment cards, but that might be too much. Too much? Yeah, probably. But quirky? Whatever. I'll revisit the idea when family and friends revisit us ;)

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I've seen people frame the Wi-Fi password, that may be an easy fun cheep quirky diy! :) I love it!

    1. I love that idea!! Aaaand now I know how I'm spending my free time this afternoon ;) Thanks Lins!

  2. It looks so inviting! I think I should come and stay a bit.