Thursday, January 5, 2017

Keeping the bar low: New Years Resolutions 2017

Happy New Year everyone!!

Things have been pretty bananas around here... we welcomed our first guests to stay in the (mostly) finished guest room, finished a big chunk of the basement (including moving almost all of the furniture), and then your run-of-the-mill holiday prep and tear down. The stomach bug made its way through our house this past month, too, so that was... pleasant (sarcasm). Joel and the girls all got it at the same time. Thank God my mom was in town to assist (thank you Mom)!! Oh! And a trip to visit my grandparents and extended family for our annual New Years fiesta, which was grand.

My sweet sick babe

The only time she will ever cuddle... although she still moved some part of her body constantly.

We're now detoxing winding down from the holiday craziness and adjusting back into our regular routine for as long as we can keep it. It will be a challenge this month not to look at January as only a countdown to baby (4 weeks from today!), so I'm looking even further into the future and working on my resolutions. Joel also started a new job this week (which he loves! It was a big step up for him and I couldn't be more proud!) but that also means longer hours (for this month at least) and no more visits from him over lunch (I know, we were spoiled). With 3 under 3 and Joel working more, I'm keeping expectations for myself pretty low. Not ridiculously low, but if I can top last year at all, I figure I'm in pretty good shape (figuratively. Lol.).

So without further ado...

1. Year three of the 12 in 12 book challenge. I regretfully admit that I only finished 10 1/2 books this year. The last half was an audio book at kept putting me to sleep, so although Audible thinks I read it a dozen times, at least 11 times that was me picking it back up in the morning and trying to find my spot. However, I'm working on a new book list for this coming year, although it might take me a bit to get into it. I do have one repeat I plan on reading (Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond... favorite <3), I don't plan on counting it as part of the challenge. I'll post what I have of the list as soon as I get something together.

2. The Happiness Project. I started this book a few years ago but didn't get far into the spring because, well, I'm a little on the lazy side. But this is the year! I'm not counting this as part of the challenge just because of the style of the book. It's broken down into 12 chapters to be read month by month. Each chapter focuses on finding purpose and passion in a different part of one's life. I liked it a few years ago and hopefully now that I'm in a different place in my life (who isn't??) I'll see it with fresh eyes.

3. Exercise somewhat. I'm not making a hard & fast rule for this one, because pretty much doing anything is better than what I'm doing right now (do regular house chores count? If not, I'm doing nothing). I know my kids will learn from me when it comes to body image and being a steward of the temple, so I need to kick it into gear. On the other hand, when I set the bar too high and fail pretty quickly, I tend to quit altogether (so sue me). That's why, in 2017, I'm keeping the bar low and taking each season, fitness challenge. My girls have gotten into Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube recently, so once I can move like a normal human being again, there's always that.

4. Pray daily. This should be a no-brainer, but somehow it is always, always a challenge. I am eternally grateful for the accountability and ease I found in the Blessed Is She devotions emailed to me every morning. My goal is to read/pray through them every. single. day. before I even get the pot of coffee rolling. I'm assuming nursing with the little guy will be the perfect time. Jesus Calling is also a great resource when locking oneself in the bathroom to hide from naughty toddlers for half a second and re-centering on Christ.

5. Make playtime intentional. With less of me to go around and the girls becoming more energetic (always) and napping less (also always), I'm making it a point to focus on each of them when we play, especially during one-on-one time. I don't need to have a perfect educational activity planned, but anything that gets some giggles out of them and reassures them they still have a big chunk of my heart is better than half-assing quality time. Bonus: there's nothing like toddler dance parties and wearing a tiara to remind you what's really important in the world (answer: being fabulous always. Also making the best of what you have). 

That's all I've got! What are your resolutions for 2017? Are you up for the #12in12bookchallenge? Let me know in the comments! 

I hope your new year is more fabulous than the last ;)

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  1. What an incredible year. It's hard to imagine how God could make it any better, but I know the next will be...:D :D :D