Monday, January 30, 2017

What I'm packing for Baby #3

I've scoured Pinterest for the perfect hospital packing list the last two rounds of having scheduled c-sections with the girls. However, I realized pretty quickly that a lot of the items that I had packed didn't end up getting used at all. With this being my third go, I've fine-tuned my list for my hospital and what got the most use in the past. So here we go!

1. Clothes for mama - nursing bra, nursing tank, yoga pants - I like to stay in the hospital gowns during the majority of my time in the hospital. After all, I spend the majority of my time in the bed and I don't have to worry about washing clothes or the baby getting anything dirty. I like to get dressed on the last day, when I'm feeling more comfortable, I can move a little more easily, and I for sure won't have a catheter in anymore. Stretchy pants are forgiving and comfortable (and dark ones will better hide any stains). Nursing bra and tank (better to have a little more coverage than less, especially in winter) with a cardigan or zipper hoodie for baby's easy access. (I don't usually pack underwear; our hospital is great about providing disposable with pads and giving a few to take home, then after a couple days I can switch to something easy and comfortable).

2. Toiletries - The hospital has a body wash and shampoo there, but instead of using hotel quality, I much prefer to use my own. Postpartum is an especially icky-feeling time, so every little bit helps. Like conditioner! I also have a sample 3-minute mask I'm excited to try.

3. Nail polish - I ended up having more down time than I expected in the hospital, mostly because I keep forgetting how much newborns sleep and somewhat limited visiting hours. I also can't have my nails painted for a scheduled c-section, so there's that too. My sister gave me a new mom kit when Celine was born, and I remember using the nail polish right away. I'm packing a classy light pink with my new topcoat this time around.

4. "Essentials" makeup -Like the previous, two every bit of pampering makes a difference in how mom is feeling. There are a lot of pictures taken when new baby is around, and I want to feel at least a little bit presentable for the pictures and the well-wishers coming and going.

5. Books - Again, with the "free" time. I use that term loosely, because there is a TV in the room and ample time to rest, but newborns run on their own schedule (particularly before they figure out the difference between day and night). If baby boy is sleeping sound in the middle of the night and I am wide awake after feeding him, it wouldn't hurt to read a little ;) I like to have a couple other light things to keep me occupied without being in front of a screen. This time I'm bringing Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond and Praying for Boys by Brooke McGlothin (I'm going to need all the help in this department I can get he he).

6. Clothes for baby - We have the weather forecast for baby day at this point (so weird!), but I'm not sure exactly what the weather will be like and what time of the day we're actually heading out, so I'm packing a couple of fleece sleepers and a couple of cotton (I'm sure he's going to be wearing newborn size clothes for a bit, but some babies are too big for them off the bat so I'm packing a few options there too). AND the nurses take cute little snapshots of baby fashion show style (if parents elect to of course), so I want our little man to be stylish and all :)

7. Hat, mittens, socks - Ok so technically this counts as clothes for baby, but I feel like it deserves it's own spot on the list, because, hello, they're so tiny!

8. Blankets - I made a small tie blanket for Ender out of a piece of fabric I had left over from a quilt I had made for him a few months ago. I wanted something small enough just to snuggle around him without overheating him. I also like that it's something that I made for him that I can give him right away when I meet him.

**Not pictured:

9. Carseat and cover - Joel will be switching the carseats around probably when I am in the hospital, but we'll need to have the carrier ready to take him before we leave (duh). This will be our first winter baby, so we bought this cover on Amazon to keep baby safe and cozy.

10. Phone, computer, chargers - Lots of pictures require lots of syncing and lots of charging. And maybe a little blogging and some more shopping for baby in there too ;)

That's all I've got! Wish us luck in our last days before the arrival of our little man!

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