Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dear Monica

You are 18 months going on 3 years.

Shoes. Always the shoes. You are your mother's daughter.

If I could describe you in one word, it would hands-down be passionate. Whatever you do, you do big. When you hug, you throw your whole self into it. When you laugh, you belly laugh. When you run, you run until something stops you. When you kiss, you get really into it (hopefully that ends before you start noticing boys). When you share, you share with vigor.

This expression is pretty typical. Especially to people sitting behind us a mass.

You constantly surprise me with how fast you pick things up. Apparently the benchmark for children your age is to have about 7-8 words in their repertoire, plus Mommy and Daddy. Our list for you passed 100 words two months ago, and we're still hearing new things fro you every day.

Expressions: passionate.

You can be so patient, and always very persistent. You never give up on the first try. It's incredible to watch you work away at a task... we can almost see the wheels turning up there. I think that's why you've become so good at using a fork, coloring with intention, and even drinking out of a big girl cup (which you also do passionately, which results in a lot of cleanup).

You get along pretty well with big sister. You always want to be involved in whatever activity is going on, which usually results in you following her lead until you get the gist of what's going on. You love your baby brother, and you bring him toys to see and you tuck him in with blankets when he is sleeping. Even when he fusses, you look intently at him, mumble "Toys," and then bring some baby toys to him. If he continues to fuss, you repeat until something (or someone) calms him down. You have such a big heart!

"Washing Baby Clive."

Your favorite things to do right now are reading books (always in someone's lap), taking objects in and out of some kind of container, and carrying around stuffed animals (right now it's Champ, the blue Care Bear that Daddy got for you). You aren't a fan of bedtime, but if you're not tired you usually sing and talk to yourself quietly for a while, until you're tired enough to cuddle up with a burp cloth (constantly sucking on them) and a plush toy). Your favorite foods are mac and cheese, toast, and pasta. I'm guessing you get your love of carbs from, well, I guess both of us.

Fresh off of a nap space cadet.

Monica Jane, you are strong, determined, resilient, and loving. I could cuddle with you all day, no matter what books we read 68,385,694 times (I'm looking at you, Pout Pout Fish). You are growing so fast I can hardly keep up. Remember that you will never be lost i the shuffle, sweet girl. I have a Monica shaped place in my heart just for you. You are going to do such big things... I just hope I can keep up with you enough to witness them. I love you so much, Monnie.

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