Monday, April 17, 2017

Alleluia is our song

Happy Easter Monday!! I hope everyone had a blessed Holy Week leading up to a joyful beginning to this beautiful Easter season!

This holiday was a little different for us. Normally, we'd take whatever extended weekend or vacation time we had to get together with as much family as possible, have a massive brunch, hang out all day, snack for lunch, enjoy a massive dinner, put the kids to bed, and play games and talk until past our bedtimes. However, with Joel's new work schedule and most of the family being too far of a drive away for the weekend, we celebrated solo.

And I'm so incredibly thankful for a wonderful Lord's day.

Saturday I spent the day making sandwiches and baking for our tea party brunch. I filled my evening with decorating, laying our mass clothes, and repeating our plan for the next day to Joel and myself. Everyone was bathed, menu and schedule was set, and we were good to go to 8:00 AM Easter mass with three little kids (we're ambitious like that). Usually our Sunday mass is at 9:00 and we're booking it to get out the door and still miss half of the opening song. This was not going to be that day.

And then we overslept (face palm). It was a mad dash morning, but with very few tears and every one's correct clothes on and hair done, we made it 20 minutes early! The timing worked out perfect, because we sat right up front with a great view of all of the flowers and the bell choir, and the girls ate it up. We'd been prepping them as much as we could with the meaning of Easter (still not sure how to teach that to a 2 year old, but I tried), so randomly through mass Celine would hear the music and excitedly tell us, "Look! Alleluia!" Heart melting.

Not our best effort, but everyone peaced out of these fast so we had to get ourselves photo ready fast. I think it worked out in the end ;)
The girls behaved mostly well, so we came home and feasted on our surprisingly filling tea party sandwiches, scones, and eggs.

The girls provided Clive with some brunch too. He was apparently unimpressed.
Brief intermission of the Easter festivities for some free play time and naps so Joel and I could tidy up the basement and set up our next event:

Us: trying to explain how an Easter egg hunt works.
Them: having no idea what's going on; just excited to use the stairs.

I'm super good at hiding. So is Clive.

Enter phase 3: dinner. 

We busted out some indie folk revival on Pandora, a rainbow quilt (so Biblical of us, with God fulfilling his promises and all), had some wine (just me... also a Biblical move), and savored the gorgeous, non-humid, bug free day we were blessed with. 

Our sweet friends and neighbors hooked us up with this baby bubble thing and it is the BOMB.



We found a jet. They were excited.

I promise that wasn't my actual ratio of meat to veggies.
We wrapped everything up with some wind-down inside time, adding "Alleluia" to our prayers, and Joel and I got to celebrate the end of Lent with the screen time we gave up. We still found some time to dream about our plans for the house, our family, and some other projects. All in all, it was an awesome holiday. We missed having the family nearby, but sometimes quality time with our tribe is just what the doctor ordered. 

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and I'll be back with more photo dumps and recaps soon!

We are Easter people and Alleluia is our song! -St. John Paul II


  1. Looks like a lovely Easter blessed with precious family time. I love the pic of the girls waiting so anxiously for the Easter tea party to begin. . . Especially Moni so proud to be out of the high chair and sitting up at the table!

    1. It's a blast to have her at the same height as us! I think she feels a lot more like a big girl :) And Happy Easter!