Friday, April 21, 2017

Master Bedroom Reveal!

Our bedroom has gone through quite the transformation, and I don't mean just in this house. When Joel first moved into the apartment we eventually shared after our honeymoon, he slept on a mattress on the floor. He had one dresser and a rabbit in the room with him. Oh, and a lamp (also on the floor). Since then, we have slowly accumulated hand-me-down or free furniture. It was great at the time, given we were spending the little money we had on more important things. However, we definitely kept the college dorm vibe alive. Now that we are in our own home, with kids and all, we decided it might be time for our taste to graduate. We started to become a little bit more picky about what we decided to take in, and what we did accept we made to fit our own style and space.

It has been so fun to watch our tastes evolve over the last couple of years and form into our "couple taste" versus something each of us would have picked on our own. Joel gave me free reign upstairs if he could have all of the say downstairs (fine by me), but of course I wasn't going to decorate a room that he would hate. Our bedroom has been my favorite part of our ideas coming together.

Here are a few pictures of the room when we got it, painted it, and added the carpet...

Seriously, this carpet is SO SOFT.
We made do with what we had around for nightstands, given the fact that until the move, we had been using outdoor end tables. I'm not sure if these are an upgrade or not. But at least they matched!

I was also too lazy to get more tissues, hence the TP on my "nightstand." I'll blame the summer pregnancy.
It worked, but it didn't necessarily say "master bedroom" to me.



green blanket (handed down) / comforter / gold pillow 
geometric pillow covers / headboard (DIY) / frames / mirror (thrifted)

lamps (garage sale) / flower / milk bottle (Frappacino!) / end tables / knobs

The curtains are a little hard to see, but those were a DIY from this fabric. I made them when we moved into our first apartment together, but they're obviously too long now. Hemming them is... well, somewhere on the to do list.

We were inspired by a couple Pinterest makeovers of the Ikea Rast dressers, so we took a chance and made over a couple to use as end tables for a date night at home. We painted the outside with Sherwin Williams "Alabaster" white, then used a dark stain on the front of the drawers (I can't remember specifically what we used and I can't find it in all of Joel's things... oh well. There's pictures.). We upgraded the knobs to these Hobby Lobby finds (50% off!) and I love the way they turned out. Our bed has an extra 4" of foam on top, so we needed something higher than the standard end table and these were an affordable answer AND a date night activity, so big smiles all around.

This is also the space the Rock N' Play usually goes at night so I have easy access to baby for nursing. It makes the space a little snug, but his smiles make it more tolerable until he graduates to a bigger bed :)

We have so many wedding pictures that are frame-worthy, but I always felt weird hanging up a billion pictures of us all over the house, so this set of three was a great solution. I can always switch them out for different ones without feeling too narcissistic. ;) The frames are just snap-in ones from Walmart but I love the clean lines without making it too dark. 

Tote bag / pillow (similar) / framed dates (wedding gift) / sheepskin (handed down) / quilt (DIY with this and this fabric / changing table (thrifted)
We actually found this changing table at a thrift store at a steal. In the past we just used command strips to attach the changing pad to the top of a dresser, but we've since re-purposed said dresser (see below). I made the quilt that is covering it for Clive to use as he gets older. I was going for a kind of subtle woodland theme, which was hard to pull off when I was trying to stick to black, white, and gold. The pillow adds a lot though ;) 

This bag has been my catchall when I'm not using it out and a lifesaver when I have to grab extra non-diaper bag items for the girls when we're out and about (extra burp cloths, water bottles, toys, spare clothes, books, etc). Joel calls it my "Mom-mom-mom" bag. I love making other parents smile when they read it. ;) It's out of stock now, but the shop is here!

shadow box (TJMaxx) / dresser (thrifted) / birch tree art

We're finally using this antique store dresser as a dresser! When it doesn't have lots of random laundry on it or Joel's clothes for the next day, I keep the shadow box of our wedding invitation and program, a dish for emptying pockets, St. Thérèse statue, and a little frame with a Winnie the Pooh friendship quote (you know, for the baby... or something). The box is actually a cigar box made over into a valet box. It's so cool! He received it as a Christmas gift but I think they have similar ones on Etsy.

Don't mind the pack n' play in the corner... the girls can't nap in the same room, so Monica still sleeps in here during the day. Clive will eventually move over there overnight once he starts consistently sleeping through. C'mon, little buddy!

Stay tuned for more room reveals (and partial room reveals) as we slowly make this house into our home!



  1. It's so calm and pretty! How did you DIY your headboard??

    1. My mom and I did it! It's plywood, foam, and fabric stapled on with a large bar-style mirror hanger on the back. I'll see if I can find (or write) the whole tutorial and I'll send it to you!

  2. I especially like that cool birch tree framed art! The room looks very inviting!

    1. Thank you! It was a bargain when it went 50% off ;)