Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Clive Anthony: 3 Months

It was around the three month mark that each of our children seemed to really come into their own and look like themselves as we know them. So here's a little taste of what our little man will look like, according to his three month picture:

He is still the happiest and chattiest little boy I have ever met. He LOVES to be around people and he will talk and talk and talk when anyone is making eye contact with him. Apparently there's a lot going on in his life that he thinks is worth discussing. That's fine by me. ;) He won't hesitate to share his smiles with unfamiliar faces, but I still seem to get the most (mom win!).

The girls make great entertainment for him, so it's nice to be able to just lay him on the floor as we play around him and have him be totally content. He just wants to be involved. We've started having the girls come and kiss him good morning and good night every day, and each time they come close to him, he coos and smiles and squeals and his arms and legs start flapping. I can only hope they'll always love each other this month!

We're finally starting to get a little out of the newborn fog. Clive is sleeping through the night for the most part, so as long as his sleep schedule matches ours, everyone is a little more rested and in much better moods. He is growing fast, so we've bumped him out of the Rock N' Play he was using next to my bed at night and graduated him to the Pack N Play in the corner of our room. I always feel so guilty laying him down all the way over there when he's awake because he just wants to hang out and be around us, and compared to where he was he seems so far away. I will say, though, it's pretty fun to see his little smiling face when he sees me appear over him in the morning.

His hair is starting to fall out in patches, but it's mostly in the back and on the sides, so from the front it's hard to tell. I feel like I should cut his hair at some point so it'll grow in more even, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet.

He's getting so strong, and he constantly surprises me at how quickly he can do things. I don't know if I've already forgotten what each stage should look like or if he's just loving being able to constantly amaze me... let's go with the latter ;)

We're so close to getting him to giggle... Joel can get a chuckle out of him here or there, so I'll keep my camera at the ready so I can share it on Facebook or Instagram when it finally happens ;)

Dear Clive,

You are the best. Thank you for your patience, your smiles, and your cuddles. I love love love watching you grow. I'm having so much fun watching your personality unfold and you are an absolute joy. You are so precious to us. 


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For a little more baby-ness, here"s Celine at 3 months and Monica at 3 months ;)


  1. Oh my. . . He is just the cutest ever! His smiles are infectious!

  2. That smile melts my heart!! 😍😍