Saturday, May 6, 2017

What we're listening to (and it's not music)...

That's right. When music is out and we still want some background (or foreground?) noise, we're taking it to the podcasts.

Apparently this is what all the kids are doing nowadays. And by kids, I don't mean actual children. I mean the cool, hip people. Because podcasts are the thing, and I want to be down with the latest trend, yo. Hashtag on fleek and everything (I know I'm using that wrong).

But it makes sense, I mean, who doesn't love just hanging out with friends and talking about subjects you're interested in? Or listening to a storyteller share an edge-of-your seat epic? Or meticulously taking notes during a theology or philosophy class lecture? Ok, that last one may be a smaller percentage of us. But we're out there! And we will not be forgotten! Students who love intellectual lectures UNITE!! I'm getting off track...

Over the past couple of months and years, I've slowly worked up a list of our favorite podcasts. I've got a couple go-to's in different categories, depending on my mood or what I'm working on.

Some of these overlap quite a bit with topics, Fr. Barron touching on movies and TV, Christy and Haley talk quite a bit about matters of faith and family life, Jennifer talks to Dave Ramsey, etc.

On womanhood: 

On faith:

On bookishness:

On home decor:

On marriage & family:
Marriage More Podcast
Messy Parenting

On life, business, and interviews with a myriad of guests:
Hallie Weekly
The Jennifer Fulfiller Show
The Chalene Show
Build Your Tribe

Podcasts (and audiobooks for that matter) are just so easy. I'm learning so much and I don't even have to stop doing the dishes (like it was that hard for me to quit doing the dishes anyways, but still). When it's only the kiddos and me around for most of the day, it's nice to feel like I'm still in on some adult conversation. Best part: if anyone starts screaming or crying or what have you, I can just pause, rewind, or come back to it later. Winning!

I know there are other hugely popular podcasts out there, like Serial (haven't listened to it) and S-Town (not what I expected but sparked some interesting conversation), but the ones I've linked to are the ones that by far get the most air time in our house. Topping the charts are probably Fountains of CarrotsMessy Parenting, and Young House Love Has a Podcast. I just wanted to give ou the whole list (full disclosure and all) so you have a little bit of variety to choose from.

Are you a fellow podcast subscriber? What are you listening to?

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