Friday, June 16, 2017

SQT: Self-care, books, and date nights

Hello all! I realized I haven't posted much for life updates in a while (with the exception of our summer kickoff) so I'm linking up with Kelly this week to share a few quick takes of what's been going on around here:

1. I just had my last serving team meeting for the year in our local MOPS chapter. I have loved being a part of this group and connecting in my community, but as I mentioned before, I'm needing to take a step back in a few places to catch up on life. I'm hoping to join in a serving role again down the line, but I'll just be an attendee for a while.

2. Along the same lines of taking a step back, I've reluctantly decided not to continue to breastfeed Clive. Something had to give, and after making the switch I feel so much peace that it was the right call for our family (and our functionality and sanity) in this season. Consequently, this is the first time my body hasn't been supporting another human being through pregnancy and/or nursing in about 4 years, so my hormones are everywhere. Gah!

3. You know what I have had time to do though? Read! Finally! (well, when I'm not binge watching TV shows... more on that soon). Right now I'm chipping away at New Testament Bible Basics for Catholics (still), Getting Past Perfect (this was basically written for me with my littler perfectionist heart), Wild Montana Skies, and Anne of Avonlea (the audiobook). If you're wondering how I'm reading all of these without getting confused, I'm not.

4. I'm also making self-care a priority... I wasn't great about it before kids, but especially now I need to make sure it happens. I've been working out, taking naps, and working on some exciting blog projects (you'll see soon!). If you're wondering how I'm balancing it all and still managing self-care guilt-free, I'm not.

5. Joel and I managed to sneak out of the house to watch Wonder Woman, which made my week and then some. I'm not going to go on about how much I loved it (at least not in this post), but I will say that when I grow up I want to be Wonder Woman. Just kidding. But seriously.

6. Speaking of dates, we're trying to get in 1-2 date nights in a week, just to make sure we're staying on track as a husband and wife unit and it has been so much fun. Last week, Joel found this sweet game that's like an at home Escape The Room (and by "like" I mean it actually is). We had a blast solving the puzzle and I can't wait to try another one. 100% worth it! It was a great communication/team-building game too... for our team of two. But still a team!

7. Clive is old enough now that he's not content to hang out on the floor or in a swing and watch the activity around him. He wants to be up and more involved, which means I'm getting significantly less done around the house. However, we finally got ourselves a Baby K'Tan and Clive loves it. He's so happy to be a part of whatever is going on or watch me do chores. Joel even takes him around in it too. It's da bomb.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! What are you up to?


  1. Yay for reading! I've also discovered it is important self-care for myself too.

  2. Your 1-2 date nights are at home then ? We find it so hard to get out and at night we are both exhausted ... We have been on three dates in three years since having kids... Not good

    1. Yep! With three littles it's so hard to get out the door, so once they're in bed we spend 1-2 evenings a week just focused on each other. It has made a huge difference for us, especially because dates outside of the home are few and far between. I feel your pain! ;)