Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bingeworthy & Cringeworthy: Episode 3

We watch quite a bit of TV around here. I'm not ashamed of it; I try to keep a healthy balance. We watch very little when the kids are up, but when I get into a show, I really get into a show. It's a big way that I unwind, especially because it's hard to me to find the patience to read books all of the time, and even then, sometimes it's easier to follow along in the book when I can put a face to the characters (because I've already seen the movie).

Here are my thoughts on our Recently Watched list...

Note: As much as I tried to stick to strictly Netflix shows in the beginning, Amazon has slowly been winning me over with some zingers. Also, BBC is on point yet again.

Victoria : Binge-worthy (PBS / BBC)
As a Doctor Who fan (well, I watched through two Doctors a few years ago) I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get past seeing Jenna Coleman as the Doctor's companion, but let me tell you: she totally nailed this role. I don't think I've ever Googled more history about the British monarchy (except maybe when I watched The Crown). It was not an accident that I mentioned this show first. Highly recommend.
You might like this if you also liked: The Crown, Downton Abbey

Veep: Cringe-worthy (Amazon Prime / HBO)
Unless extremely foul language doesn't bother you. It's really a shame. I tried to look past it, but after watching the first two seasons (the only ones available with my Prime membership) I found myself thinking and even dreaming more "colorfully." The show itself was phenomenal. It's a perfect cross between Arrested Development and The West Wing, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, I could not get past the language. HBO, why do you have to make it so crass?
You might like this if you also liked: Arrested Development, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls

All or Nothing: Binge-worthy (Amazon Prime)
"Baseball is America's pastime, but football is America's sport." - Me. I've been a football fan for as long as I can remember, and this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this. A full season of behind the scenes footage and interviews for a pro team. I learned more than I thought I would and it turned out to be really eye opening to see how the pros aren't that different from you and me. If you're into football you might enjoy this more, but it's still a really cool inside look. Also, Jon Hamm narrates, so...
You might like this if you also liked: Remember The Titans

Father Brown: Binge-worthy
One word: delightful. This is like a more updates, British Murder She Wrote. It's clever, the characters are likable, and it doesn't show the Catholic Church in a bad light. Actually, he's a pretty great example of what the priesthood should be: honest, compassionate, and Christ-centered. Also, I watch enough TV (embarrassingly enough) that it's become quite a bit easier to predict plot twists and whodunnits, but this one keeps me guessing pretty much all of the time. Family friendly for kids probably 10 and up or so.
You might like this if you also liked: Murder She Wrote, The Bletchley Circle, Midsomer Murders

Kurt Seyit ve Sura: Binge-worthy
Ok, I'll be honest. I was hesitant too. It took me a while to get past the fact that I was reading along with the show and it was hard to fold laundry while watching... given the whole thing is Turkish. BUT hear me out: It's somewhat based on a true story (I Googled everything I could after watching to find out what was true and what was embellished). I love that the characters had their own flaws and weren't totally perfect. I'm also super into analyzing relationships, and there's definitely a lot to talk about with the whirlwind romance turned roller coaster that drives the two season series. I'm pretty sure after I finished episode 2 I turned to Joel and said something along the lines of "How can I FEEL this much?!" Not for everyone, but I couldn't quit it.
You might like this if you also liked: North & South, Downton Abbey, Poldark

Right now I'm also working my way through Z: The Beginning of Everything and The Last Tycoon, both on Amazon Prime. 

If you're interested in more recommendations, be sure to check out episodes one and two of this series!

Anything else I should be watching? Let me know in the comments!

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