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Hi! I’m Justine! I’m a midwest girl, born in upstate NY but I grew up in northwest Iowa where I now live with my wonderful family. I love Superman, coffee with creamer, and cheesy dad jokes. I’m addicted to Pinterest, where I pin crafts I’ll rarely attempt, parties I hope to throw, and home decor I’m excited to imitate in my own little homestead. Talking about love and relationships sets my soul on fire.

I often call myself an underachieving perfectionist. I want everything to be just right, just so, and absolutely the best it can be. I however, assume I will not reach the standard I have set for myself in my head, so I adopt a “good enough” attitude or just don’t try at all. However, the more I talk about it, the more others tell me I’m not alone. Our life isn’t perfect: it’s messy, sticky, loud, and there are more than a couple of us losing our hair. But at the same time, it’s full of laughter, snuggles, kisses, and “I love you’s.” My blog, as a reflection of my life, is not Pinterest-worthy by any means. But it’s real and it’s ours.

I wrote about how I originally came up with the title Justine In Pearls, but since then it has really evolved with me. I think now it’s a reminder to stay true to my high-heel wearing, flowy skirt loving, lover-of-love self, in the midst of all of the chaos currently surrounding me. I might have a dirty house, mystery kid stains on my short, and hair in a messy bun, but that little touch of pearls reminds me that I’m still me.

I hope by reading this blog you’ll feel like you’ve found a friend who’s in the thick of it with you, that you have a chance to smile and laugh at the mundane, and you join me in finding joy in the little things. Feel free to subscribe, follow, like, comment, or all of the above, because I’m sure we’ll be besties for the resties. ;)

Finally, I love to hear from you! You can find me here and I’d love to chat. Thanks for reading and again, I am so happy you’re here!

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