Meet The Family


  • Birthday: August 16
  • Role(s): wife, mother, blogger
  • Trademark: cheesy jokes, always having one more thing to say when it's time to get off the phone, and talking
  • Hobbies: Pintrest, watching TV, eating delicious things, making stuff
  • Favorite foods: Buffalo wings, mac and cheese, burritos  


  • Birthday: June 26
  • Role(s): husband, father, in-house IT guy, idea man
  • Trademark: laughing at everything, being the fun parent, candy-eater
  • Hobbies: playing video games, playing board games, having great ideas, fixing stuff
  • Favorite foods: breakfast, spaghetti with meatballs, chili spaghetti


  • Birthday: August 20
  • Role: big sister, future leader of something important and probably princess related
  • Trademark: fabulous hair, raising the house's drama factor
  • Hobbies: dancing, giving directions, helping whenever possible (mostly)
  • Favorite foods: mac and cheese, sandwiches, and pasta


  • Birthday: September 25
  • Role: middle child, runner, mischief-seeker, hambone
  • Trademark: moving always, belly laughing, water-bottle loving
  • Hobbies: carrying around plush toys, reading books upside down, wrestling
  • Favorite foods: toast, mac and cheese


  • Birthday: February 2
  • Role: boy, youngest child
  • Trademark: big smiles, cuddling, making loud noises
  • Hobbies: cuddling, people watching, talking
  • Favorite foods: whatever mom has on tap

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